Coconut is Mother Nature’s sweetest tropical fruit. It has various uses like its flesh is abundant with protein, its milk is light and refreshing, and the superstar ingredient inside is its oil. We all know that Coconut oil is our grandma’s favourite age-old secret beauty ingredient for not one but thousands of benefits. Not only does it have the richness of Vitamin E and K but also has antibacterial properties making it useful for several beauty hacks be it skincare or haircare. You may ask- how to use coconut oil for beauty?

Look no further, we have curated the top 11 uses of coconut oil which will make your life simpler!

Use Coconut Oil As Body Moisturiser

Coconut Oil containing nourishing fatty acids acts as a sealant to prevent moisture loss on the epidermis layers and helps boost elasticity, prevent acne, and reduce itchiness and inflammation in the skin. With these moisturising and anti-bacterial properties, it is widely used as a body moisturiser. Given below are the basic ways to use it as a moisturiser:

  • Once a week you can massage some Organic Coconut Oil on your body, keep it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with a gentle body wash. This will increase the moisture absorbent capacity of the skin and keep it hydrated and soft for a longer period. 
  • You can also apply a non-hydrogenated form of coconut oil on your hands, palms, legs and feet on damp skin and leave it on for the day!

Use Coconut Oil As Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil consists of lauric acid which has good antibacterial and antifungal properties to sweep away all the stubborn makeup on your face. Its detergent effect breaks down the waterproof makeup very easily. Here’s the two-step guide for you:

  • Take a wet cotton swab and apply coconut oil all over your face. Pay special attention to your heavy eye makeup and lips. Then, simply massage your face for 4-5 minutes to unclog all the makeup pigments sitting inside your pores. 
  • Use a cotton pad in swiping motion to take off all makeup. Once you are done removing shadows and hues, use a gentle face wash to double cleanse your face and ensure there is no residue.
how to use coconut oil
Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

Use Coconut Oil As Lip Balm

You might wonder- can you put coconut oil on lips too? Well, The skin on our lips is more sensitive, compared to the rest of our faces. Our lips crack or become flaky with the slightest inconvenience. Especially in winters, our lips become really dry, and sometimes no amount of lip balm can cure them. Here are the two ways to add it in your beauty routine:

  • Take a little amount of Coconut Oil and gently apply it to your lips, before you go to bed. In the morning, you will notice that your lips have started healing and have become softer than before. 
  • Alternatively, you can apply a non-hydrogenated form of coconut oil daily before bedtime if you have extremely dry or chapped lips.

Use Coconut Oil As Shaving Cream

Shaving creams irritate your skin? We got this. Try shaving your legs with Organic Coconut Oil that is free from chemicals. Coconut Oil not only works as a great lubricant but repairs the skin barriers, and serves as an anti-bacterial protectant leaving you with a smooth surface to shave. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Mix a good amount of Coconut Oil and naturally extracted aloe vera. Lather the mixture to clean the area of your body where you need to shave, allow your skin to absorb it and use a clean razor to remove all the hairs. 
  • Once you’re done shaving, rinse off the area with lukewarm water and gently pat dry. You can also apply a little amount of coconut oil after shaving your skin. From pubic areas to your hands and legs you can use coconut oil as a wonderful substitute for shaving cream.

Use Coconut Oil As DIY Face Mask

We all love making some DIY face masks for our skin, with ingredients like Honey, Turmeric, Multani Mitti, etc. Coconut is the superstar amongst all. Even dermatologists support the fact that it can be used as a great face moisturiser. But you may think -how to use coconut oil on your face? Instead of applying it directly on the face, here are some of the best ways to use coconut oil in the form of a DIY face mask.

  • Mix 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and a pinch of turmeric and apply it as a face mask for overall skin benefits of maximised moisturisation, reducing skin irritation, and dryness, controlling excess sebum production and thereby preventing acne & pimples.
  • Simply apply a thin layer of coconut oil at night before bed and wash your face with a gentle face wash in the morning. Your skin will look naturally glowing and soft. Avoid it if you’re an oily skin type.

Use Coconut Oil As Natural Highlighter

Coconut Oil can work as a natural highlighter too. You say, what!? Yes, it can be applied on the highest points of your face, wherein you would generally apply your highlighter. And then you apply foundation over it. You will notice that the points where you have applied the coconut oil will have a natural shine to them, as Coconut Oil brings out your skin’s natural pigments and reflects light. 

Use Coconut Oil As Make-up Brush Cleaner

Composed with lauric acid Coconut Oil has many cleaning hacks too. Similar to makeup removal, it helps in double cleansing your makeup brushes. Interesting, isn’t it?  The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Coconut Oil drive the peskiest debris to its end while breaking down all the makeup stuck to the brushes. Here are the few steps that you need to follow:

  • Take some wet cotton pads dipped in coconut oil. Use it to wipe off all the makeup & pigments stuck on the ends of the brushes. You will notice all the makeup has been transformed into cotton pads. Repeat the step if you still see some makeup residue. The oil helps break down the makeup and will attach to the brushes.
  • To double cleanse the brushes, rinse thoroughly with mild soap and water to remove all the oil and dirt. Here you go with squeaky clean brushes!

Use Coconut Oil As Pre-Shampoo Treatment

The idea of using Coconut Oil as a pretreatment is not new. It has great deep conditioning abilities to keep your hair nourished and hydrated. The best way to use it is by massaging it into your scalp and leaving it overnight. Shampoo and conditioner your hair in the morning. Your hair will look smooth, glossy and gorgeously flowing. If you’re short on time, apply the coconut oil and wrap it with a hot towel for about 15 minutes and then shampoo your hair.

Use Coconut Oil As DIY Hair Mask

how to use coconut oil for hair and skin
How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

A non-hydrogenated Organic Coconut Oil does wonders as a natural hair conditioning mask. It surely softens your locks, controls frizz, removes dryness, and breakage, and adds natural sheen giving you an ultimate hair spa experience. Given below are the few DIY hair mask with Coconut Oil:

  • Mix 3-5 drops of castor oil into a scoop of cold-pressed organic coconut oil. Emulsify the hair mask evenly to hair locks and scalp. Let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes, then shampoo your hair.
  • Alternatively, mix 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil and honey and melt them into a pan to ensure they are combined well. Apply the mixture to damp hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off the mask and shampoo your hair to make way for healthy-looking frizz-free hair locks. 

Use Coconut Oil As DIY Lip Scrub

Coconut Oil works as a great carrier oil to add natural exfoliating agents and make a DIY lip scrub. A Coconut Oil lip scrub helps nourish and soften your lips before you remove all the flaky skin on your lips. Here are the 101 procedures to make a lip scrub:

  • To make a lip scrub, take 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil with ¼ tbsp of sugar and mix them well. Then just gently scrub your lips with this mixture, for 5-10 minutes. Sugar will remove all the peeling skin on the top layer of your lips and Coconut Oil will provide instant moisture to the now-top-most skin of your lips.

Use Coconut Oil to Nourish Dry Cuticles

Because of its intense moisturising benefits Coconut oil can effectively help nourish the damaged cuticles and even halt the peeling of skin around the nail bed. With the goodness of multiple fatty acids and nutrients, it is used as a natural cuticle moisturiser and also helps hydrate and strengthen cracked nails. If you’re looking for a cuticle moisturiser to push back the cuticles, coconut oil is your ideal choice and here’s how:

  • Apply and massage coconut oil around the nail bed in circular motions before bedtime to help retain moisture in the nails, prevent cracking, and allow it to grow fast.
  • You can also apply the mix of sugar and coconut oil to your cuticles and hands. Rinse off with warm water to get healthy and hydrated nails.


Is coconut oil good for your lips?

Yes, of course. Coconut oil has deep nourishing properties and is quickly absorbed into the lips protecting them from moisture loss and keeping it soft. It is the best remedy to heal chapped and dry lips when used regularly.

Can we use coconut oil on the face?

Coconut oil does wonders as a night cream. Use it by rubbing it into your face for maximum absorption leaving a smooth, soft and silky texture after you wake up. Having said that, Coconut oil is highly comedogenic which means if you have oily skin you should avoid using it as it may clog your pores causing acne.

What can I mix with coconut oil for the face?

You can mix 1 tbsp Coconut oil, 1 tbsp honey and turmeric powder to make a DIY face mask to reduce skin dryness, acne marks, pigmentation, and even skin complexion. Coconut oil works as a great carrier oil for many organic face oils to reduce skin infections and signs of ageing.

Is coconut oil good for pimples?

Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, there are many uses of coconut oil for the face including pimples. Yes, it does help fight bacteria causing acne and heal acne scars over time. Moreover, it reduces skin inflammation and redness too.


This was the A to Z on different ways to use coconut oil to enhance your natural beauty. Indeed, Coconut Oil is nothing short of divine!

Its antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties leave you with multiple Coconut oil hacks. So, what are you waiting for? 

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