As we all know, the festival of colours is here, and it is celebrated as a day of spreading happiness. However, holi celebrations also come with a whole range of skin and hair care concerns to deal with. It brings acne breakouts, allergic reactions, dry and frizzy hair. These points of worry arise because of irritants present in colours and the junk food accompanied during partying.

After slathering the skin with synthetic elements, the skin and hair desperately need a glow up. The way to do so is to indulge in tips after the colourful Holi celebrations to protect the skin and hair from the wrath of chemicals and irritants.

Here are a few tips to protect the skin from the aftermath of Holi celebrations:

Cleanse the face

After playing Holi and before using a face cleanser, try oil cleansing. The double cleansing helps to take off the colours easily and gives the skin that attention it desperately requires. Follow it up with a mild organic face wash to ensure removal of any residue present on the surface of the skin. Moreover, using an organic face cleanser won’t irritate the skin and let it breathe. You can use 6 in 1 face wash as it is a multi purpose cleanser and helps controlling excess oil while improving the skin complexion with each use.

 6 in 1 face wash

It not only helps to remove impurities from the skin but also rejuvenates and nourishes the skin.

Hydrate using a toner

Once the skin is cleansed, it is essential to provide the much-needed hydration by using a face toner. It helps in minimizing open pores and the removal of excess oil. Moreover, opt for an option that has antibacterial properties like Green Cucumber Toner as it will help in preventing skin infections and the cooling agents help in soothing the irritated skin.

Green Cucumber Toner

Furthermore, it reduces skin tiredness and restores natural freshness to the skin.

Moisturise for a supple skin

Keeping the skin moisturised is the key step to keep the skin protected from the hazardous effects of synthetic substances present in the colours. However, it is essential to choose the right moisturiser according to skin type. Opt for a daily nourishing night cream consisting antioxidants as the rich formula will help in stimulating collagen production overnight.

Daily nourishing night cream

It also helps to repair the after effects of Holi, moisturise and improves appearance of uneven and dull skin.

Furthermore, it is not just the skin that comes in contact with irritants, but the hair also faces the wrath of the synthetic compounds present in dry colours which results in rough and frizzy hair. Hence, it is vital to wash the hair with an organic shampoo thoroughly to remove the colours. Using an organic extra conditioning moisturising shampoo not only cleanses, conditions but also moisturizes damaged hair. It leaves the hair soft and manageable while making it smooth and tangle free.

Organic Extra Conditioning Moisturising Shampoo

Using a mild shampoo will ensure that the moisture isn’t stripped off from the scalp. After washing, the hair needs nourishment and the way to provide nutrition to combat dryness is using Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged hair. The formula of the product is enriched with keratin protein and provides frizz control.

 Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged Hair

Also, with the humid weather approaching soon, it also reduces the effect of humidity on hair. Furthermore, it stimulates blood circulation to make hair stronger and strengthen the roots of damaged hair.

Organic skin care and hair care products are formulated without use of any harmful chemicals, hence, using it for irritated skin and dry scalp has no side effects. One of the most trusted organic brands, Organic Harvest guarantees ultimate potency, safe formulations of products.