If you are unaware of Climate Change, let us make you aware of it. Climate change includes global warming driven by human emissions of greenhouse gases and the resulting large-scale shifts in weather patterns. Most people know about Climate Change but don’t believe it, but it’s real. The extreme hotness we experience, the shorter winter season, sea-level rise, intense drought, etc are all effects of climate change.
Here are 5 simple steps you can help in saving the Earth:

1. Stop buying products that are not Vegan and Cruelty-Free.
It’s 2021 and we need to stop hurting animals for our skincare, haircare, or makeup products. Vegan and Cruelty-free products are those products that are made without using any animal ingredient (Like collagen, gelatin, honey, cholesterol, etc) and the products which are made without being tested out on animals.
Making this change will not only save animals but also help in reducing the huge amount of CO2, which is released during the process of harming the animals

2. Start recycling, and reusing plastic
Like our mothers and grandmothers who reuse the plastic containers to store pulses, rice, spices, jewelry, etc. we too should follow the same. As not all plastic products are recyclable, and a lot of plastic that we might send for recycling doesn’t get recycled. Hence, it’s better to follow the path of reusing plastic, as much as we can to reduce the plastic pollution.
A lot of times we mindlessly toss a plastic containers that can be quite easily be recycled. Recycling plastic cost us nothing but will help in reducing the plastic waste in our landfills, roads, houses, forest, etc, and will help in building a sustainable future.
Organic Harvest has taken a pledge to replace all its plastic packaging with glass packaging by 2025. And you should support a brand that has more economical goals like these for the future.

3. Plant a tree
Plants and trees are our only source of oxygen, no other resource can provide us oxygen. Plants and Trees not only provide us oxygen but they also remove toxins from the air, help in regulating the temperature of the earth, they are the house of several animals and birds, they give us fruits and vegetables, etc.
So every year if you will plant at least one tree, it will help our environment a lot. If you fail to plant a tree, try getting an indoor plant, as it will also help in producing oxygen and reducing air toxins.
Similar to Organic Harvest’s eliminating plastic pledge, Organic Harvest has also taken a pledge to plant 1 Million trees by 2025.

4. Save water
On average, 1 leaking tap wastes more than 1 bucket of water every day. Most people in India don’t even have access to clean and fresh water, and by you fixing your leaking taps at your home, or you closing the tap when the water is not required, will give create a possibility that those people get the water, that would have else got wasted.
Fixing your water tap or closing the tap when not in use, will not only help others but also yourself. Imagine the money you will save, because of your water bill getting cut down

5. Turn off electrical appliances when not in use
Every day a huge amount of fossil fuels are extracted and burnt to create electricity for us. Burning and extracting these fossil fuels continuously, create a huge amount of pollution. So, if we use/ waste less electricity, we will help in reducing the pollution created by fossil fuels along with saving some bucks, due to less electricity bill.

This Earth Day learn and adapt more eco-friendly practices. We have to follow these practices not just one day, but every day, because “Every day is Earth Day”.