Organic Harvest is an all organic brand with great skincare, hair care, body care range and essential oils. Our belief is rooted in crafting products that are safe and offer long term benefits. We rely on ingredients that are certified by global organisations such as EcoCert, OneCert and NaTrue. This implies that the organic products are made without the involvement of hazardous chemical fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and do not contain any traces of parabens and artificial fragrance.

The range of products is incredibly potent and gentle on the skin. Here are six ways to take care of your skin organically that will make you fall in love with yourself:

Opt for Fragrance-free Cleansers and Toners

Cleansing is essential to get rid of dirt and toning helps fight impurities accumulated in the pores of the skin. These basic steps can help you ace your skincare routine. However, it is essential to choose products that do not contain fragrance components. Synthetic fragrances are a sensitizing ingredient for every skin type. The damage caused by it might not be visible initially, but it can pose worse problems in the long term. Our acne control organic face wash helps remove impurities, toxins and the antibacterial, antifungal properties prevent acne. The artificial fragrance-free product is suitable for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin.

Protect from Sun Damage

The sun begins to damage your unprotected skin the moment you step outside. Also, the damage is cumulative and won’t show on the surface of the skin until years later. Therefore, sunscreen is a must to protect the precious skin from the harsh rays of the sun. An organic sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 will provide indoor and outdoor protection harmful UV rays and blue light. Apart from this, it also smoothens the skin and keeps it well nourished and hydrated.

Gentle Cleansing to Avoid Excess Stripping of Oil

While it is necessary to get rid of oil on the surface of the skin as it causes acne issues, but it is crucial not to rip apart the skin of its oil, because then the sebum will produce more oil. Therefore, gentle cleansing is essential for both face and body. However, you can’t treat the skin on your body the same as on your face as its concerns are different. Our organic soaps and body wash help the skin on your body retain its moisture and keeps it hydrated with its skin-friendly ingredients.

Switch to Face Masks and Creams made with Organic Ingredients

Face masks can potentially improve the overall appearance of the skin. The process of mask drying on the surface of the skin along with the removal of the mask causes an expansion in the blood vessels resulting in improved skin tone. Apart from the exfoliation with the help of a face mask moisturising also plays an essential role in achieving your skin goals. A moisturising organic face cream nourishes and locks moisture into the skin cells.

Drink Plenty of Water and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

While it is vital to indulge in a skincare regimen, it is also important to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods that contain antioxidants. The hectic and fast paced city life causes stress and affects the skin. Organic body care products provide external care, but is important to take care of the mind and body from within also. Stress produces cortisol and other hormones which leads to oily skin and breakouts. Therefore, you should hydrate yourself and practice stress management techniques like yoga and meditation.

Embrace your Skin

It is important to know your skin and choose the right products for your skin type. Every skin type has its own concerns and needs different precautions. We indulge in crafting products geared towards every skin types’ issues.

Our brand believes that going organic is the only solution for the long term sustainability of mankind. Being in the market for the past six years, we enjoy a loyal following of customers who believe in choosing only the safest and the purest of products in the everyday beauty regimen.