The scorching sun is harmful and causes several skin problems like rashes, acne, cracking, blisters, etc. No matter how hard you try to keep them away, it always affects the skin in some way or the other. Your loved ones who travel for work, college or school are in direct contact with such extreme weather conditions. Organic Harvest offers you several choices to express your love and care for your loved ones.

This summer protect your loved ones with the best organic and herbal beauty products that do not harm their skin. Why organic?

Summers brings with it extreme heat, pollution, chemicals, dust, and elements that harm the skin. To protect your skin from these harmful effects, the use of organic products is recommended. Organic Harvest is one such brand that manufactures organic products with organic ingredients and raw materials that are best for all skin types.

In this active life, where people don’t get much time to take care of the skin, they rely on products that make caring easy and quick. There is a wide range of products from Organic Harvest that makes caring for your skin effortless.

Here are some organic gift boxes that you can gift your loved ones this summer:

Neem Rahasya

BOX contains

Neem Face Wash – A non-sticky formula face wash that deeply cleanses the skin and restores its natural moisture. It helps in reducing acne problems.

Neem Tulsi Toner – Refreshing-purifying toner that helps skin look visibly clearer. It is best suited for oily skin type. The neem and tulsi are anti-bacterial and cleanses the skin.

Sunscreen with SPF30 – Enhance the natural radiance of skin while protecting the complexion not just from UV rays but also from the blue lights. The sunscreen has a matte finish texture that keeps the skin oil free and hydrated.

Brightening Kit

BOX contains

Embellish Skin Lightening Cream – Enriched with organic daisy, bearberry, white mulberry, marshmallow root extracts, and vitamin C, the cream tackles excessive skin pigmentation and sunspot damages on the skin and give a bright complexion.

Sunscreen with SPF30 – Enhance the natural radiance of your skin while protecting the complexion not just from UV rays but also from the harmful Blue lights. The sunscreen helps in healing sunburns and keeps the skin well hydrated and nourished.

Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser – An organic soft massaging cleanser that exfoliates and cleanses the skin and leaves it smooth, fresh, and radiant.

Essence of Aroma Kit

BOX contains

Rose Essential Oil- This flower is considered to be the most beautiful flower in the world. Surprisingly, many don’t know about its medicinal properties. Rose essential oil helps boost mood and relieves stress and anxiety.

Jasmine Essential Oil It has a sweet fragrance and is best known as an aphrodisiac. Jasmine essential oil helps in stress relief and uplifts a person’s mood.

Lavender Essential Oil It benefits the skin in numerous ways as it has the ability to lessen acne, help reduce fine lines and brighten skin. The multi-purpose lavender essential oil improves hair health, digestion and promotes a sense of calm.

Rosemary Essential Oil It is good for hair growth and also helps relieve pain. Rosemary essential oil increases blood circulation, stimulates the mind and promotes positive emotional state.

Apart from these, you can also select from a wide variety of organic products and ayurvedic facial kits from Organic Harvest. For more information, visit the website.