A beauty regime is very important as our skin faces a lot of damage due to pollution and harmful sun rays. We should follow an organic and eco-friendly skincare regime, so that the harmful chemical does not affect our environment. Organic Harvest products are clean, sulphate and paraben free and eco-friendly, which also provide great benefits to your skin.

We all know the iconic Neha Kakkar, her skin is as flawless as her voice. Here’s the tea on Neha Kakkar’s favourite beauty products.

Face cleanser

The very first step for your beauty regime should be cleansing your face thoroughly. It should deep cleanse your face and remove the entire dirt from your skin and yet does not feel harsh on your skin.

Organic Harvest’s Rainforest Cleanser is gentle on the skin and provides supple, soft and clear skin after a single use. It has skin healing properties and helps in premature aging. It contains Lilly pilly which improves firmness of the skin. It also has vitamin C and fruit acid, which provide great anti-ageing effects to keep skin radiant and youthful.

Another great face wash is Organic Harvest’s 3-in-1 face wash. It has gel based formula with small scrubbing beads which help in cleansing, scrubbing and removes dead skin cells. It helps in deep cleaning and makes the skin feel really soft after the wash. This is great for oily and textured skin, as it will make their skin soft and help in reducing pore.

Since the 3-in-1 facewash has scrubbing beads, it’s good to use on alternative days and Rainforest cleanser can be used regularly. You can alternate between the two face washes as per your skin’s requirement.


After a nice and gentle wash, your face requires some hydration. Toner provides that instant hydration after face wash. Toner goes deep inside the skin, so the Neem Tulsi Toner is great for this purpose. As the anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties of Neem and Tulsi help in preventing skin infections and soothing the skin. A toner also helps in better absorption of the moisturizer which you apply over it.


Serum is applied so that the ingredients work on the deeper layers of the skin. If you’re wondering about the difference between toner and serum, both are different in terms of texture and benefits. Organic Harvest’s Luminosity- Anti Pigmentation Serum works in such a way. It goes deeper into the skin and helps in reducing pigmentation and gives your skin a healthy glow. It has some additional benefits, like it helps to protect from sun damage, prevents wrinkle formulation and provides an even skin tone.


Be it any skin type, you should always- always apply a moisturizer. A good moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, without producing any extra oil to your skin. Different skin type will have different requirements for a moisturizer.

Organic Harvest’s Radiance Face Elixir Cream is great for all skin types as it has a light texture, which gets absorbed very easily. Due to its light texture it gets absorbed into the inner layers very easily and helps in delaying the signs of ageing, reducing dark spots. It also reduces skin irritation and swelling, so it’s great for sensitive skin people too.

Organic Harvest’s Daily Day Cream is great for normal to oily skin type, as it reduces the oil production. It has beetroot, which is very high in vitamin C, which helps in delaying the signs of ageing. It’s a cream based moisturizer but still is good for oily skin people as it contains extracts of sea salt, soybean and beetroot, which help in controlling sebum production.


You should apply sunscreen, even if you plan to sit at home all day long. Sun radiates light; a part of the light is invisible UV rays which are very harmful to our skin. These UV rays cause tanning, burning, and other skin damage.

Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen with SPF 60 is great for sun protection. Most of the sunscreens available in the market are greasy, but this sunscreen is non-greasy and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. It provides a long- lasting protection for sun, along with keeping the skin nourished.

Essential oil

Essential oils are great especially when your skin or hair is going through a bad phase, like acne, dandruff, etc. Since, essential oils are really concentrated and strong; it should never be used directly. Tea tree essential oil is specifically great for acnes and also reduces blemishes. Tea tree essential oil can also be used by oily skin people.

Rosemary Essential oil is specifically great for hair loss and helps in hair re-growth. It too should be mixed with carrier oil and applied on scalp before you wash your hair. It helps in strengthening circulation, which helps in hair follicles get good blood supply.

Lip balm

A lot of us forget this step, but our lips require two times more hydration than our skin. Hence, it’s very important for us to keep them hydrated, so that they don’t become flaky or bleed. A lip balm is a must even if you are going to wear a lipstick, as the chemicals in a lipstick can make your lips dry.

Shea butter lip balm is great for your lips. As it provides the thick hydration our lips require keeping them hydrated and soft for a long time. It contains Shea butter, which is a great healing agent for dry lips, as its rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s great to wear underneath a lipstick as it doesn’t have any dark pigment, hence won’t change the color of the lipstick you are planning to wear and will provide hydration all day.

Get your hands on our products as soon as possible, to get that glowing and flawless skin like Neha Kakkar’s.