After turmeric, amla is that one ingredient that almost all grandmothers swears by. For centuries, this natural antioxidant fruit has been a go-to for many medicinal reasons. And if there’s one in particular that even Ayurveda stands by, are the wonders it can do for your mane. The benefits of amla for hair are rather potent—as you know, it works amazingly well and that’s why there are so many hair care products in the market that have amla as one of their key ingredients. An elixir for hair and scalp health, amla contains potent nutrients such as essential fatty acids, phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals, that help with hair growth and also aid in tackling many hair woes. Read on to find out more about the different benefits of amla for hair, why it is good, and how you can incorporate this superfood into your hair care routine via homemade remedies or amla-infused products.

What Are The Benefits Of Amla For Hair?

Everyone is looking for that luscious, voluminous mane, and using amla for your hair is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get there! Scroll down to see the 10 of the most amazing benefits of amla for hair.

1. Boosts Hair Growth

One of the gooseberry benefits for hair is that it helps boost hair growth. The vitamins and minerals present in this powerful fruit helps stimulate hair growth when applied to the scalp. The blood circulation allows for healthy nutrients to reach your scalp––the vitamin C content is rich in antioxidants and helps boost collagen production and renews skin cells faster. This in turn improves hair growth.

2. Protects Hair From Damage

The tannins and other antioxidants present in amla can help protect the hair and scalp from free radical damage caused by environmental factors like UV exposure and environmental deterrent.

3. Conditions Hair Naturally

Did you know that amla acts like a natural hair conditioner for your hair? It helps moisturise and nourish your hair, making it shinier and even adds volume to your mane.

4. Treats Dandruff & Other Scalp Infections

The vitamin C present in amla boosts collagen levels which improves quality of the scalp and hair. It also aids in exfoliating dryness and flakiness in the scalp. It’s antibacterial properties kill the bacteria that’s causing the dandruff and also soothes any itching related to it. As a matter of fact it is one of the best home remedies for dandruff

5. Deep Cleanses The Scalp

A great exfoliator, one of the benefits of amla for hair is that it helps clarify and deep cleanse the scalp. This means that it gets rid of product buildup, excess oil, and leaves your scalp clean—this encourages a healthier environment for the hair to grow in.

6. Slows Down Greying Of Hair

If you are looking for how to stop grey hair, then look no further. Amla helps improve your hair’s pigment and even reduces the greying of hair. In Ayurveda, greying of hair is caused by an excess of pitta which is heat in the body. Since amla is a cooling agent, it helps balance out the pitta dosha and therefore reduces the rate at which your hair starts greying.

7. Strengthens Hair From The Root

Amla juice doesn’t just clarify the scalp, it also strengthens your hair follicle from the root. This improves the texture of the hair, maintains its natural hue, and even adds a shine that is worthy of a double-take.

8. Makes Hair Smooth & Soft

Amla is often present in many hair care products due to its amazing properties, one of which includes making your hair smooth and soft. A natural conditioner for your mane, this amazing fruit moisturises and nourishes the hair cuticle, tackles split ends, and deals with frizziness too—this leaves your hair smooth and soft!

9. Reduces Hair Fall & Hair Loss

Amla helps improve hair growth and therefore can help with hair fall and hair loss too. If you are looking to combat hair loss and want an answer on how to stop hair fall, amla will do it for you. 

10. Thickens The Hair

Thanks to the multitude of properties present in amla, this fruit can actually help improve growth and thicken the hair. It improves scalp conditions, boosts nourishment, and leaves your hair healthy, overall. Whether you use it in oil form or as a shampoo or a powder, you’re bound to experience better looking hair. 

How To Use Amla (Gooseberry) For Hair

Wondering how to use amla for hair? We’ve got 5 different ways you can incorporate it into your hair routine.

1. Amla Juice Cleanser

benefits of amla for hair

Squeeze out the juice of one amla and a few drops of lemon juice to it. Mix it well and apply the mixture to your scalp, directly. You can gently massage it in. Leave it on for about an hour and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo. This is great for a clarifying cleanse, at least once a week.

2. Amla & Curry Leaves

gooseberry benefits for hair

Cut a few pieces of amla and blend it in a mixer. Throw in a few curry leaves and blend it again with some water, till it forms a thick paste. Apply the hair mask to your scalp and let it sit for about two to three hours. Make sure to wash it off with a mild shampoo. You can use this mask for damaged thin hair—use it once or twice a week for best results.

3. Amla & Lemon Juice

how to use amla for hair

This popular amla hair mask is great for when you’re looking to deep cleanse your hair. Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of amla powder with water and lemon juice and make it into a thick paste. Apply it to your scalp and the lengths of your hair. Leave it on for about 45 minutes to an hour, and wash it off with a gentle cleanser. Make sure to use this mask at least twice a week to see improved results.

4. Amla & Coconut Oil

how to use amla for hair growth

Two power-packed ingredients in one hair mask, mix  3 tablespoons of slightly warmed coconut oil with half a tablespoon of amla powder. Blend away so that it forms a paste. Massage it into your scalp and hair and leave it on for an hour. Wash off with a sulphate free shampoo and don’t forget to condition after.

5. Amla & Honey

amla is good for hair

Hydration galore, this use of amla for hair is one of the best conditioners you can find. It helps strengthen your hair from root to tip, and adds a shine that’s worth the effort. Mix two to three tablespoons of amla powder to a little bit of honey and turn it into a paste. Massage it gently into your hair and scalp and let it sit for about an hour. Wash it off with a shampoo. You can use this mask twice a week.

Organic Harvest Recommended Amla Infused Products For Hair

Still wondering how to use amla for hair? Here are a few amla-infused products that will work wonders for your mane too.

1. Organic Harvest Organic Amla Hair Oil – Premature Greying

A hair growth oil that contains amla extract and a mixture of 14 different plant oils that help resolve scalp issues and other hair woes, mainly premature greying. This hair oil is enriched with vitamin E, which helps fight damage and protect the hair and scalp from damage.

2. Organic Amla Conditioner- Premature Greying

Enriched with amla and ginseng this conditioner is the answer to many scalp and hair problems. It helps with premature greying and also treats hair loss effectively. Formulated with organic amla and other plant oils, it helps with premature greying, hydrates the hair, eliminates dandruff, and leaves hair with a non-greasy shine.

3. Organic Amla Shampoo – Premature Greying

An amla shampoo for hair growth, this product is formulated with organic amla extracts, ginseng, and potent plant oils, that help eliminate all your scalp and other hair issues. It helps with dandruff removal, resolves dry hair and split ends, and also eliminates an oily scalp too. Get shiny and healthy hair with this amazing shampoo.

4. The Mom’s Co Natural Hair Strengthening Oil

Natural Hair Strengthening Oil

With a combination of 8 natural oils such as amla, bhringraj, coffee, and tea tree oils, this natural hair strengthening oil can improve hair strength by 77% and reduce hair fall too. It strengthens hair, improves blood circulation, and encourages hair growth.

Price: 599 INR
Buy link: Natural Hair Strengthening Oil

5. St Botanica Bhringraj & Amla Hair Oil With Comb

A deeply nourishing hair oil that provides your hair with all the nutrients it needs to grow and remain healthy. It strengthens the hair shaft and makes hair healthier and stronger. The bhringraj is rich in vitamin C and protects the hair from free radical damage. While the amla boosts moisture and conditions the hair too.

6. Oriental Botanics Bhringraj & Amla Hair Conditioner

Bhringraj & Amla Hair Conditioner

Formulated with bhringraj, aloe vera, bamboo, amla, and jojoba oil, this conditioner is the perfect answer to dry and unhealthy hair. It helps with hair fall, boosts hair growth, naturally conditions, thickens the hair.

Price: 449 INR
Buy link: Bhringraj & Amla Hair Conditioner

7. Oriental Botanics Bhringraj & Amla Hair Shampoo

Restore your hair natural health and shine with this amazing shampoo. Keeping your mane healthy, safe, and lustrous, it contains bhringraj and amla, both of which help with hair growth and support a gorgeous mane. It also contains other hair-loving ingredients such as bamboo, shikakai, and moroccan argan oil.


What are the side effects of applying amla on hair?

One of the side effects of applying amla on hair is that if you have a dry or dehydrated scalp, too much of it can often result in itchiness, excessive dryness, hair fall, dandruff, and other hair related issues. 

Does amla help your hair grow?

Yes, amla helps boost scalp and hair health, which in turn helps your hair grow.

Does amla reduce hair fall?

Applying amla on hair and scalp helps reduce hair loss and improves hair growth too.

Can I apply amla juice on hair daily?

While amla juice can help with many hair woes, it is not recommended that you apply it daily, as it can hamper your hair. You can apply it twice or thrice a week for best results.

Does amla straighten hair?

Amla doesn’t straighten your hair, but it does help with dealing with frizz and an unmanageable mane. This makes hair look smooth and appear soft.

Can I leave amla in my hair overnight?

Yes you can leave amla in your hair overnight and wash it the next morning with a gentle shampoo.

Does amla blacken hair?

Amla hosts a multitude of properties, one of which helps maintain the pigment of your hair. While it doesn’t make the hair black entirely, it does promote the pigment and prevents the chances of greying. 


The benefits of amla for hair are absolutely undeniable. From nourishing to adding shine, tackling scalp woes to dealing with frizz, this centuries-old ingredient for amazing hair is truly a God-sent. 

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