Argan oil is cold pressed from the nuts of argan tree found in Morocco. With the innumerable benefits of argan oil for face, it is popularly known as liquid gold for skin. It has been a traditional remedy for ages and used topically for multiple skin benefits. 

If you’re here to discover some of the amazing benefits of argan oil for skin, stick around! This blog reveals everything you need to know about argan oil for skin, its uses, and side effects.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Face

Benefits of Argan Oil for face
Benefits of Argan Oil for face

Pure argan oil for face has antibacterial and fungicidal properties to treat various skin conditions and acne. It has deep moisturising capabilities to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. The combination of vitamins and nutrients helps improve overall skin health. Here’s the list of indispensable benefits of argan oil for skin:

Cures Skin Infections

Argan oil for skin contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that help combat mild skin infections or diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to treat symptoms of irritation and inflammation due to skin infections.

Intensely Moisturising 

One of the primary benefits of argan oil for skin is that it moisturises the skin. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E and fatty-acids, argan oil protects the natural moisture barrier of the skin and locks-in the moisture to keep the skin satiated for hydration and nourishment. This is why argan oil for dry skin is highly recommended.

Anti-ageing Benefits

Argan oil is a powerhouse of fat-soluble antioxidants. It is also a wonderful anti-ageing treatment and can be used consistently post the age of 25 to reduce the appearance of fine lines and creases on the skin. The ingredient also helps improve water retention capacity in the skin. It also helps improve the skin texture and transforms dry & dull skin into soft, supple, even-toned skin tone. 

Speed-up Wound Healing

Applying argan oil for face helps aid in the process of collagen synthesis. The powerful combo of Vitamin E and antioxidants accelerate the skin’s healing when dealing with cuts or sunburns. The anti-inflammatory agents in the argan oil heal redness, irritation, and inflammation on the affected area. 

Treats Acne

The combination of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities of argan oil for skin is perfect for acne treatment. It helps zap the acne-causing bacterial and soothes inflamed skin due to acne. It also balances excess oil production in the skin preventing future breakouts or pimples.

Protects Against Sun Damage

Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants that act as a shield to protect your face from sun damage. It also helps replenish damaged skin tissues caused by oxidative stress of the face due to environmental exposure and air pollutants. 

Control Sebum Secretion

Using argan oil for oily skin helps control excess sebum production in the skin and reduces skin greasiness. It has sebum-balancing compounds to give you a smooth texture and naturally glowing skin.  

Anti-Cellulite Benefits

One of the incredible benefits of argan oil for skin is its anti-cellulite effects. It helps moisturise, nourish, and restructure the skin to reduce the appearance of fat cells on the skin, making it effective to reduce cellulite on the body. 

Reduce Stretch Marks

Pure argan oil for face helps intensely nourish the skin and improve skin elasticity. The omega-3 fatty acids found in argan oil for skin, boost collagen levels to reduce stretch marks and increase skin firmness. It is excellent for topical use during pregnancy to heal stretch marks.

Fade Hyperpigmentation

One of the argan oil for face benefits is that it reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. The combination of vitamins and fat-soluble antioxidants aid in giving an even skin complexion. It also helps to get naturally glowing skin with regular use. 

How To Use Argan Oil for Face 

How to Use Argan Oil for Face
How to Use Argan Oil for Face

Overwhelmed by the benefits of argan oil for skin? Here are some of the easiest ways for topical argan oil uses for face:

Argan Oil As Hydrating Toner

Take a spray bottle and ½ cup of water in it. Add 5-10 drops of pure argan oil for face. Shake the bottle and use the mixture as face toner. Alternatively, you can use a cotton ball to dab it all over the face.

Argan Oil As Moisturiser

Take a few drops of argan oil between your fingertips. Apply and massage it gently all over your face for 2 minutes. Make sure to make upwards and outwards strokes only. 

Argan Oil as Serum

Just add 1-2 drops of argan oil to your face serum and go about your daily skincare routine.  

Organic Harvest Recommended Best Argan Oil for Face

Organic Harvest brings you an exclusive formula of 100% cold pressed organic argan oil for skin. It is a paraben-free, mineral-oil free and animal ingredient-free oil suitable for both men and women. Here’s more to this gem of a product:

Organic Argan Oil for Face
Organic Argan Oil for Face

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for face is made from the cold pressed nut of the argan tree. Enriched with skin-nutritive compounds like fatty acids and Vitamin E, it is effective in boosting collagen synthesis to increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It provides required nutrition to the skin and controls excess sebum production to treat acne and common skin infections.

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Side Effects of Argan Oil for Skin

Pure argan oil for face is safe for regular use. However, here are the quick checkpoints for you to keep in mind so that there are no argan oil side effects on the skin:

  • Skin experts always advise to do a patch test on the skin by applying it on a small area of your hands. If you feel any irritation or see any reactions, stop using it immediately and consult your dermat.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions before topical application on the skin.
  • If you have any skin allergies to argan oil, consult your dermat before use.
  • Direct application of argan oil might cause skin irritation or adverse effects in exceptional cases.


Can I use argan oil on my face everyday?

Yes, pure argan oil for face is loaded with skin-loving vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to maintain skin health and is suitable for daily skincare routine. 

Is argan oil good for your face at night?

Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that aid in the skin cell regeneration process during sleep. Take a few drops of argan oil to massage your face before bed time and wash your face in the morning.

Is argan oil good for skin glow?

Yes, argan oil is rich in antioxidants and other skin moisturising agents to reduce dark spots and even out skin complexion giving your face a healthy glow. 

How do I know if my argan oil is pure?

Opt for pure argan oil that is 100% cold pressed from the nuts of the argan tree containing no traces of harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, mineral-oils or animal-fats. Read the ingredients label on the bottle.

What can I mix argan oil with for my face?

You can mix a face serum or different essential oils for skin with argan oil for acne and anti-ageing benefits.

How much argan oil should I use on my face?

Using 1-2 drops of argan oil for face is ideal for a daily skincare routine. 

Is argan oil good for under eyes?

Argan oil helps reduce swelling and puffiness under the eyes. Using it everyday helps improve blood flow and keeps the under-eye skin moisturised and wrinkle-free.  

Does argan oil reduce wrinkles?

Yes, one of the pivotal benefits of argan oil for skin is to stimulate collagen production and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. 


Argan oil for face is great for topical application. The magical composition of vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants and moisturising agents in argan oil helps tackle a multitude of skin concerns to treat wrinkles, acne, dryness, infections, and more.

Well, argan oil benefits are not only limited to the skin. Read our next story to learn more about the benefits of argan oil for hair.