Isn’t it surprising that every celebrity you ask for one skincare tip the first thing they say is to drink loads of water and keep yourself hydrated!?

Though our body is composed of 60-70% water, you still need to keep drinking water to keep your skin hydrated on a regular basis. This means keeping your body naturally hydrated by drinking enough water is the beauty secret to naturally radiant & healthy skin. Drinking water for skin offers oodles of benefits such as moisturisation, and increased blood flow. It also evens out skin tone while enhancing the overall complexion. You may wonder what else? We have jotted down the ultimate list of benefits of drinking water including the best time to drink water. 

Without further ado, let’s quickly get into the deets.

1. Naturally Plump & Youthful Skin Tone

One of the pivotal benefits of drinking water for skin is it maintains a naturally good-looking and plump skin. Water is one of the five magical elements of the human body composition which stimulates blood flow into the epidermis, revitalises skin cells, provides intense hydration and gives your skin a natural glow. This, in return, makes you look refreshed and youthful.

2. Prevents Acne or Pimples

Drinking enough water on a daily basis increases the skin’s ability to fight toxins, impurities and bad microbes that result in congestion of pores. Water is a wonderful natural cleanser to purify blocked pores, and balance the amount of oil contained in your skin. This effectively contributes to preventing future breakouts, or acne. One of the added benefits of drinking water for skin is that it soothes inflamed skin post pimples or active acne.

3. Keeps Skin Hydrated Inside Out

benefits of drinking water before bed

Water is a moisturising potion for the skin. Besides quenching your thirst, it also keeps your skin fully hydrated. Your body suffers through natural fluid loss in the form of sweat, urine or bowel movements which can be due to workouts, sports, or other physical activities. Drinking water for the skin replenishes water loss that happens through the day and makes your skin glow naturally.

4. Improves Skin Elasticity 

Optimal intake of water satisfies skin’s moisturisation needs to help you maintain a healthy and bouncy texture. It fortifies the natural moisture barrier function to improve its water-holding capacity, retains moisture for long hours, and increases its suppleness and elasticity. This implies the fact that drinking water for skin prevents it from getting dry, flaky or dull.

5. Delays Skin-Ageing 

The best way to defy the natural process of ageing is to keep your skin hydrated. Scientific survey claims that people who drink optimal quantities of water during the 24 hours are more likely to maintain a youthful skin appearance for years. Water increases your skin density and thickness preventing it from becoming thin, dull or dehydrated. Hence, it has the natural ability to fight the early signs of ageing like wrinkles, sagging, and crow-feet around the eye corners.

6. Healthy Gut, Happy Skin

drinking water in the morning improves bowel movements

Over 80% of your skin health depends on the inside. And by this, we mean a healthy gut. The microbes in your stomach work actively to digest the daily food intake making an overall impact on your health and skin appearance. Drinking water for skin takes care of the digestive system, clears out toxins, and regulates bowel movements. To sum up, a healthy gut is a gold standard for naturally glowing and happy skin!

7. Accelerates Skin Healing 

Hydration is the key to speedy healing. And what’s better than water to revitalise and repair a damaged skin texture? If you’re constantly exposed to the sun, sunburns, redness and post-inflammation are inevitable. Water can be a great natural remedy to promote the healing of sunburns, soothe inflammation and leave a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

8. Maintains pH Balance

Pure drinking water is neutral (pH=7). Your skin’s pH is acidic which is less than 7, between 4.7 to 5.75. Drinking water for skin is good to restore the skin’s pH level, which is internally done by the sebum. Be it dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin, drinking the right amount of water is all you need to bring your skin to a healthy pH level which might solve many of your skin problems.

9. Tightens Enlarged Pores 

drinking water for skin

One of the primary benefits of drinking water for skin is to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores. It helps create a balance between oil and water content in the skin, regulate sebaceous glands, and control excess oil secretion which supports the tightening of large pores. This acts as a shield against the invasive damage of pollutants and dirt on the skin causing whiteheads, blackheads or pimples.

10. Calms Face Puffiness

If your face feels puffy with redness, it is the natural ability of your skin to protect it from dehydration. Keeping your skin hydrated with an optimal amount of fluids prevents under-eye bags, reduces puffiness and redness around the cheeks. Hence, one of the benefits of drinking water before bed is waking up with healthy skin and a de-puffed face. 

11. Flushes Toxins

Water is an excellent cleanser for your skin to get rid of the impurities and excess oil that are deep-seated in the pores. It helps enhance blood circulation, aids lymphatic node drainage, and flushes out the toxins in the dermal layers of the skin. This act makes water your skin’s first love to be healthy and glowing naturally.

How Much Water Should You Drink In A Day?

Health experts usually recommend drinking 8 glasses of water (approx. 2 litres) per day. This is basic and easy to remember. However, if we talk about the overall intake of daily fluids that is water from food and beverages, the total consumption must be as

  • 3.7 litres of liquid consumption for men 
  • 2.7 litres of liquid consumption for women

This means water is the major source of all the fluids (80%) and rest all forms including fruits, veggies, foods, and drinks together contribute to 20% percentage of fluids, based on their water content.

Having said that, having 8 glasses of water might not be enough for people who are involved in rigorous physical activities, sports, living in hot & humid weather, passing through vital health requirements like bladder infections, kidney stones, pregnancy and so on. In such cases, without a doubt, you will need to increase your regular water intake for active recovery and replenish your original skin hydration levels.

Word From Experts: Drinking more water than required by your body can result in overhydration. This means your kidney has to put extra effort to infiltrate the water which flushes out excess sodium from the body via urination. This means excess water with lower levels of sodium resulting in hyponatremia (low blood pressure, dizziness, lethargy, fatigue).

What Are The Best Times To Drink Water?

best time to drink water

The best time to drink more water is when you wake up. Drinking water in the morning helps awaken your organs, balances the lymphatic system, and develops stronger immunity. In fact, it is one of the most effective natural remedies for acne treatment.

Here is the generic timeline to give you an idea of the best times to drink water for healthy and glowing skin:

  • 1-2 glass of lukewarm water in the morning
  • Water before workout/active sports
  • Half an hour after exercise
  • 30 minutes before & after every meal
  • Sip water midday to maintain hydration levels 
  • A small amount of water before bedtime to not feel thirsty during sleep

Health experts recommend you sip water every 15-20 minutes during the day to enjoy the maximised benefits of water for skin and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. 

What Are The Other Possible Ways To Stay Hydrated?

Apart from drinking enough water, we bring you some natural supplements to give your skin a hydration boost and keep your skin satiated with water. Read on to find out simple ways to keep your skin hydrated inside out:

  • Invest in Hydrating Skincare Products: One of the best ways to add an extra layer of hydration to your skin is to apply water-based skincare products. They come in gel-like formulations which sink well into the deeper layers of your skin and provide much-needed hydration for long hours.
  • Enjoy Cool Water Showers: We love to soak in hot water showers. But, if you’re aiming for long-term skin benefits, cool water showers offer intense hydration, fortify the natural moisture barrier, and shrink enlarged pores on face. It eliminates all the toxins on the surface of the skin without disrupting the natural oils and also increases its skin’s moisture retention abilities.
  • Increase Intake Of Fruits And Greens: Another natural way to keep up with skin hydration levels is to increase the intake of foods that are rich in water content. These include citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables including  oranges, kiwi, berries, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach and more.

5 Best Products To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Organic Harvest has curated a special list of skincare products which is apt to keep your skin satiated for moisturisation. Here are our top picks for you:

1. Organic Harvest Aloe Vera Gel With Organic Glycerine

Organic Harvest Aloe Vera Gel With Organic Glycerine

Organic Harvest’s Aloe Vera Gel with Glycerine provides your skin with required moisturisation, suppleness, and glow. It also helps combat minor skin infections, even out skin tone and enhances skin elasticity. This product is ideal to promote blood circulation, getting rid of toxins & impurities and curing skin dryness.

Price: 225 INR
Buy Link: Organic Aloe Vera Gel With Organic Glycerine

2. Organic Harvest Brightening Face Toner: Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry & Rice Water

Brightening Face Toner

Organic Harvest Brightening Face Toner With Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry & Rice Water is made for all skin types to give a hydration hit. The water-based formulation helps control oil secretion, remove residual impurities and tightens enlarged pores while increasing skin’s absorption capacity. This organic toner benefits the face with long-lasting hydration, improved skin texture and brighter-looking skin tone.

Price: 495 INR
Buy Link: Brightening Face Toner: Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry & Rice Water

3. Organic Harvest Vitamin A Sheet Mask

Organic Harvest Vitamin A Sheet Mask

Organic Harvest’s Vitamin A Sheet Mask is specially made to remove wrinkles and fine lines. The benefits of vitamin A for skin improve collagen count and add an extra boost of hydration to refine skin texture and remove discolouration, leaving you with naturally radiant skin. This nutritive serum in the sheet mask proffers the required moisture to dry and combine skin types.

Price: 125 INR
Buy Link: Organic Vitamin A Sheet Mask

4. MyGlamm YOUTHfull Hydrating Moisturising Gel With Water Bank Technology

Hydrating Moisturising Gel With Water Bank Technology

MyGlamm’s YOUTHfull Hydrating Moisturising Gel With Water Bank Technology is an aqua-holding formula to instantly hydrate your skin. The smooth penetrating gel-based consistency of it not only boosts hydration but also restores damaged texture, nurtures skin moisture barrier, and calms inflammation. The cooling and soothing properties of this moisturising gel make it ideal to keep your skin healthy, glowy, and hydrated all day long.

Price: 1095 INR
Buy Link: Hydrating Gel With Water Bank Technology

5. St.Botanica’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Boost Face Mist

St.Botanica’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Boost Face Mist

St.Botanica’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Boost Face Mist has great hydrating capabilities for intensive skincare. The presence of moisturising fruit and flower extracts instantly refreshes, hydrates, and soothes your skin. It contains a hydrolyzed milk protein which protects the natural moisture mantle, prevents dehydration due to sun exposure, and rebalances skin pH while giving a soft and slushy complexion.

Price: 549 INR
Buy Link: Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Boost Face Mist


Does drinking water improve skin?

Drinking water makes skin glow naturally and refines overall skin health by enhancing blood flow, improving skin elasticity and tightening the appearance of large pores.

How many litres is 8 glasses of water?

8 glasses of water is about 2 litres of water or half a gallon size.

Is drinking 1 litre of water a day enough?

Health experts advise drinking at least 8 glasses (about 2 litres) of water per day. This is variable to increase depending on a person’s age, gender, health conditions, physical activity or pregnancy.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the importance of drinking water for skin. From increasing skin blood circulation, flushing out toxins to maintaining moisture and acne prevention, the benefits of drinking water for skin are indispensable. Plus, it is simple, easy to follow, and most importantly doesn’t cost a lot! 

In short, remember to sip on some water at regular intervals even while you’re so engaged in your daily chores ‘cause the secret to happy & healthy skin is hydration.

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