Who doesn’t love getting a massage? It’s definitely relaxing and leaves your body and mind feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Just like a body massage helps relieve any tension in your muscles, a face massage does pretty much the same. The beauty benefits, however, are far more visible in the sense that you can see the glow. Whether you use your hands or tools like a face roller or a Gua Sha, the benefits of a face massage extend far beyond. It aids in promoting healthy skin, boosting circulation, and overall leaving you with a healthy and happy radiance from within. Paired with your favourite skincare products, like a face oil or a serum, massaging can also help the ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin.

Read more to find out the importance of a facial massage, how to do it at home, and how you too can benefit from this amazing technique.

What Is A Facial Massage And Why Is It Important?

A facial massage uses techniques that involve pressing pressure points across the face, neck, and shoulders. You can either do this with a Kansa wand, a face roller, or a Gua Sha, or can even just use your fingers and your palms to do so. A face massage is important because it helps with lymphatic drainage, removes the toxins from your face, and also helps stimulate blood circulation. Scroll down to see the benefits of a face massage and why it’s so significant when it comes to giving you that glow.

What Are The Different Types of Face Massage?

There are different types of face massages that help achieve that glow. While the outcome is and the benefits of a face massage are usually the same, the way it’s done in terms of the pressure points is different. We’ve narrowed down the most common types of face massage one can come across.

Benefits of Face Massage

Lymphatic drainage

A gentle massage that boosts the drainage of lymph nodes in the and encourages detoxification.


This massage involves applying pressure to certain points of your face and ears.

Gua sha

Great to relieve muscle tension, a Gua Sha is a tool used in the massage that helps sculpt the face and boost lymph circulation and drainage.


A Swedish face massage involves using techniques such as kneading, tapping, and rolling to relieve tension in the face.


A sinus massage focuses on your nose and forehead area to help relieve sinus pain and drain out any mucus.


A therapy technique that uses different pressure points to relieve pain.


Remedial massages help treat damaged muscles and knots and tension in the body.

What Are The Different Face Massage Techniques?

If you are looking to harness the benefits of a face massage, then it’s also important to note the different techniques one can use to get there.

Benefits of Face Massage for Glowing Skin

Knuckle Kneading

This method uses the knuckles to gently knead when massaging the face.


This technique helps stimulate blood circulation and boosts the production of collagen.


This technique use gentle movements using fingers or hands that help stimulate the soft tissue in your face.


Gentle tapping helps relax the body, especially the face––it is part of the Swedish massage.

7 Benefits Of Face Massage

There are many benefits of a face massage that go beyond what meets the eye—other than leaving your skin with that natural glow, a face massage can also help with many conditions, both beauty and health related. Scroll down to read more on the benefits of a face massage for your skin.

1. Combats Signs Of Ageing

One of the biggest benefits of a face massage is that it helps with the overall appearance of your skin. If you are one to use anti-ageing ingredients like retinol or vitamin C in your CTM routine, you’ll find that massaging it in allows the product to penetrate into your skin. This improves texture and gives you visible results when it comes to skin sagging––especially when you are looking at home remedies for wrinkles.

2. Treats Acne

Did you know that a face massage helps with acne? The massaging technique helps promote healthy blood circulation, hence reducing acne. If your concern is to get rid of pimples, a facial massage will surely help.

3. Brightens The Skin

Why is a face massage so important for glowing skin? That is because it not only boosts oxygen to the skin, but also leaves it feeling fresh. The increased blood flow allows for nutrients to reach the layers of your skin, keeping it nourished.

4. Aids With Sinus Issues

If you face mild sinusitis, a facial massage can help relieve the discomfort and congestion. It aids in draining mucus, keeps the migraines at bay, and helps boost circulation as well.

5. Reduces Tension & Stress

The gentle motion and techniques used to massage the face often leave your mind and skin feeling refreshed and also soothes and calms down the muscles in that area. 

6. Improves Skin Texture

Massaging the face often helps improve your skin’s texture, as it promotes circulation, and aids in lymphatic drainage. Wondering how to improve collagen in skin? A face massage will do that for you. This also allows for skincare products to penetrate deeper and work more efficiently on your skin.

7. Increases Elasticity 

One of the biggest benefits of a face massage is that it helps with circulation. Good blood circulation to the face improves the skin’s elasticity––and you know how amazing the benefits of collagen for skin are, in order to achieve that glow. 

Organic Harvest Recommended Products For Face Massage

Whenever you’re doing a facial massage at home, it is important to always use a skincare product like a face oil, serum or cream when doing so. This will prevent friction during the massage and will also allow the product to penetrate deeper into the skin.

1. Organic Harvest Brightening Face Cream: Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry & Rice Water

Brightening Face Cream for Face Massage

Organic Harvest’s Brightening Face Cream helps brighten your skin tone by boosting its natural glow. The formulation contains key ingredients like kakadu plum, acai berry, and rice water, that helps fade dark spots and discolouration, improves skin cell regeneration, and repairs your skin from within.

Price: 399 INR

Buy link: Organic Harvest Brightening Face Cream: Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry & Rice Water

2. Organic Harvest Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil for Face Massage

A multi-use product, this jasmine essential oil can be used in your skincare routine, as a fragrance enhancer, and in your bath too. The formula relaxes, soothes, and uplifts your mind and body, and also aids in improving skin’s elasticity, and reduces stretch marks and scars on the skin. If you’re using it as a massage oil, it’s best to mix this oil with another carrier oil as it is very concentrated.

Price: 750 INR

Buy link: Organic Harvest Jasmine Essential Oil

3. Organic Harvest Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil for To Do Face Massage

This rose essential oil has a floral and sweet scent that stimulates and uplifts. The oil can be mixed into your skincare products, used as a fragrance enhancer, and works as a massage oil, provided you mix it with a carrier oil. It’s even perfect for oily skin.

Price: 750 INR

Buy link: Organic Harvest Rose Essential Oil

4. Organic Essential Oil: Lavender

Best Oil for Facial Massage

A great addition to have as part of your skincare routine, lavender essential oil serves as the perfect aromatherapy oil. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and also aids in treating acne breakouts. Plus, if you use this oil on your scalp too you’ll notice how the formula helps promote growth and treats dandruff too. Make sure you mix it with a carrier oil, though.

Price: 450 INR

Buy link: Organic Essential Oil: Lavender

5. Organic Harvest Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: 100% Pure

Coconut Oil for Face Massage

A nourishing oil to use on your body, face, and hair, this extra virgin coconut oil is an all-rounder. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, it helps soothe your skin and strengthen hair follicles too. A great carrier oil too, you can mix your essential oils with this one to make them safer for direct skin contact.

Price: 395 INR

Buy link: Organic Harvest Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: 100% Pure

6. Organic Harvest Organic Argan Oil

Argan Oil for Face Massage

This beauty elixir is known as liquid gold across the globe. Rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6, this oil is made from cold-pressed argan nuts. It conditions the hair and moisturises the skin intensely. It even helps soften your skin and fight the signs of ageing. 

Price: 699 INR

Buy link: Organic Harvest Organic Argan Oil

7. Organic Harvest Kumkumadi Radiance Face Oil :Saffron, Oat Milk & Sandalwood

Kumkumadi Oil for Face Massage

This nourishing formula is Ayurveda’s best kept secret. An excellent elixir to fight against dull and lifeless skin, it helps combat blemishes, pigmentation, and the signs of ageing. This leaves you with a smooth and even-toned glow.

Price: 795 INR

Buy link: Organic Harvest Kumkumadi Radiance Face Oil :Saffron, Oat Milk & Sandalwood

8. St.Botanica Retinol 1% + Bakuchi Oil 2% + Hyaluronic Acid 0.5% Professional Face Serum

Face Serum for Face Massage

This powerful and effective facial serum comprises 1% retinol and 0.5% hyaluronic acid. It has a nourishing formula that helps reduce acne and remove pimple marks, while fighting the premature signs of skin ageing. The hyaluronic acid helps hydrate the skin, making it soft, supple, and oh-so-smooth. The nourishing ingredients improve skin tone and restore your skin to its natural radiance. 

Price: 699 INR

Shop link: St.Botanica Retinol 1% + Bakuchi Oil 2% + Hyaluronic Acid 0.5% Professional Face Serum

9. St Botanic Bergamot Pure Aroma Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil for Face Massage

A pure bergamot essential oil that helps elevate mood and alleviate stress, this concoction also helps in improving inflammation and redness on the skin. Adding a few drops of it into your daily face moisturiser and then massaging it into your skin, will help rejuvenate not only your skin but also your mind.

Price: 449 INR

Buy link: St Botanic Bergamot Pure Aroma Essential Oil

How To Do Facial Massage At Home

While it is professionally recommended, you can give yourself a facial massage for glowing skin at home too. Start by cleansing your face and your hands. Apply a small bit of face serum, moisturiser or oil to the face, and using either your fingertips or your palms begin the massage as below.

1. Rub your fingers into your temples in a circular motion.

2. Then slowly move your fingers and palms to gently massage the sides of your face. You can start at the chin and gently move up towards your forehead. Slide your fingers back down and go back up again. Repeat for a couple of minutes.

3. Next, move your fingers towards your brow bones—you want to gently press from the inner corner to the outer corner.

4. Repeat the same movement around your eyes and then gently pinch your eyebrows.

5. Press your fingertips into your brows and then gently move up to your forehead.

6. Use your knuckles to press into your face, across your cheekbones—repeat this kneading technique upwards.

7. Use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger to pinch your skin at the centre of your chin and move towards your ears.

8. Gently tap your face with your fingertips and slowly move down to the neck.


Is it good to massage your face every day?

Gently massaging your face for about 5 minutes per day is good for the skin as it promotes blood circulation. However, if you’re doing an intense facial massage, it’s important to note that 2-3 times a week is more suitable.

Do face massages actually work?

Yes, if done right, a facial massage has many benefits including anti-ageing and anti-acne. It is the key to healthy, bright, and firm skin.

Are there any side effects of face massage?

No, but it depends on the kind of pressure you’re putting on your face. Too much pressure or an intense massage can cause friction, irritate the skin, and result in microtears across your skin. 

Which type of face massage is best?

A lymphatic massage is best for daily use, as it helps drain out toxins, decrease puffiness, and improve overall blood circulation.

Does massage brighten skin?

Yes, it does. A massage helps improve blood circulation, sending oxygen and other nutrients to your skin cells. This results in brighter looking skin.

Does face massage change shape?

No it doesn’t change the shape of your face, but it does provide a lift to the skin, leaving your face looking a little more youthful.


The benefits of a face massage make those 5 minutes (or more) truly worthy of your time and effort. From leaving you with glowing skin, to tackling acne and fine lines, a face massage is the perfect way to get the most out of your skincare.  It also helps you get rid of double chin, improve lymphatic drainage and allows the face care products to get sinked into your skin thoroughly.

So, are you ready to level up your skincare game with some facial massages?

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