One piece of advice we hear from celebrities, beauty influencers and dermatologists is to ice your face every morning. Doing facial icing rejuvenates your skin after sleep, reduces puffiness, calms redness, and helps clear out dark patches on the face.

If you’re here to know the benefits of rubbing ice on face, you have landed at the right place. This blog reveals all the secrets to ice therapy for face. Hop on to know more. 

What Is Facial Icing And How Does It Benefit Your Skin?

Facial icing is applying ice cubes on the face. It helps constrict blood vessels and slow down blood circulation which makes it one of the best home remedies for puffy eyes, reducing redness & inflammation on the skin. Applying ice on face benefits the skin by controlling oil secretion, minimising the appearance of enlarged pores, and keeping your skin hydrated for long hours. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ice Cubes On Your Face?

The simple ice cubes for face offer tons of benefits to the skin. If your skin feels dull, dry or even puffy, all you need to do is rub an ice pack on face. Given below is the list of benefits of applying ice on face:

1. Reduce Redness & Puffiness On Face

Ice is good for face redness and puffiness. It helps shrink the blood vessels, regulates blood flow in a particular area, and reduces swelling on the face. It also helps depuff under-eye bags and moisturise thin skin around the eyes to reduce dark circles. Hence, applying ice on the face is one of the best home remedies for dark circles as well.

2. Prevents Future Breakouts

Facial Icing Prevents Acne

Facial icing in small circular motion on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin areas helps infiltrate all the impurities and gunk deep-seated into the pores to prevent the occurrence of acne.

3. Allows Better Absorption Of Skincare Products

Facial icing effectively hydrates your skin which increases the absorption capacity of skin for moisturisation. Hence it is good to apply ice before doing your skincare routine to ensure each of these products penetrates well into the dermal layers. You can also dip your face in ice water for a few seconds to prep your skin before doing makeup.

4. Gives Natural Skin Radiance

Applying Ice on Face Benefits

Applying an ice pack on face helps remove all the toxins, provides much-needed hydration, and heals dry patches to reveal glowing skin within. Applying it on a daily basis, lightens uneven skin tone, eliminates blemishes and promotes naturally glowing skin.

5. Soothes Sunburns And Inflammation

Applying ice on the face has excellent healing and hydrating qualities to calm any kind of inflammation or irritation on the skin. It also works as a great remedy to soothe sunburns or gain pain relief from symptoms due to minor skin infections.

6. Tightens Pores

Benefits of ice on face

One of the pivotal benefits of facial icing is regulating sebum levels to control excessive oiliness on the face, which aids in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. This makes it very effective for oily and combination skin.

Different Ways To Make Ice Cubes With Other Ingredients

Here are some of the natural ingredients which can be used to enhance the benefits of ice cubes on face:

1. Green Tea Ice Cubes

Enriched with antioxidants and skin-lightening properties, green tea benefits the face by repairing damaged skin tissues, exfoliate skin and enhance its inner glow. Take 2-3 green tea bags and brew them in 2 cups of water as you normally do. Allow it to cool for some time. Add the green tea water to the ice tray and refrigerate. Alternatively, you can also use coffee powder to make coffee ice cubes.

2. Cucumber Ice Cubes

Cucumber is loaded with the benefits of vitamin C for skin and hydrating compounds. These ice cubes are perfect to heal acne, minimise scars, and reduce dark circles. It also soothes sunburns, redness or any sort of skin discolouration. Take 1 whole size of a cucumber and peel it off. Churn it into a puree, and some water if required, and empty it into the ice tray. Freeze it for a few hours to form ice cubes.

3. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Aloe vera is packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals to control oiliness, cure acne, and reduce under-eye bags. The anti-inflammatory abilities help reduce swelling & redness on the face. Take 1 cup of water and add 2 tbsp of pure aloe vera gel to it. Mix well and empty it into the ice tray. Refrigerate and apply it every morning. It is a great natural way to use aloe vera for acne.

4. Rose Water Ice Cubes

Rose water is wonderful for oily and combination skin types. It helps rejuvenate your damaged skin, reduces under-eye bags, and relieves pain due to acne and inflammation. It also helps maximise the advantages of rubbing ice on face by giving you brighter-looking skin. Mix equal parts of distilled water and rose water (you can use crushed rose petals as well). Add it to the ice tray and refrigerate to make rose water ice cubes.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Rubbing Ice On Face

Applying ice on the face is good but make sure you do not go overboard and take care if you’ve sensitive skin. Given below are some of the pointers to remember while rubbing ice on face:


  • Use a fine muslin cloth to cover the ice cube and apply it in a circular motion.
  • You can ice your face once a day every morning or on alternate days.


  • Never apply ice directly on the face nor leave it on one part of the face for long.
  • Avoid facial icing if you have pus-filled acne, or under any cosmetic procedures or chemical peels. 


Are there any possible side effects of applying ice on the face?

Facial icing is safe for skin. However, if you rub ice on the face for longer than usual, you might experience irritation, itchiness or redness on face.

Who should avoid using ice on their face?

If you’re undergoing any cosmetic procedures, peels or lasers avoid rubbing ice on your face. 

What is the best time to apply ice on face?

The best time for rubbing ice on the face is in the morning to awaken your skin, reduce puffiness, and hydrate your face.

Can we rub ice on our face daily?

Yes, you can put an ice pack on your face daily once in the morning. It is beneficial to fight dryness, and treat acne, puffiness and dark circles. 

Does ice lighten skin?

Facial icing slows down blood in that area to reduce redness and eliminates toxins from the skin to enhance the natural face glow.

Can ice remove dark circles?

Yes, rubbing ice on the face constricts the blood vessels and moisturises the thin skin around the eyes to reduce under-eye bags and lighten the appearance of dark circles.

Should I wash my face after applying ice?

No, you need not wash your face after applying ice and allow your skin to stay moist under the effect of facial icing.


Anecdotal evidence states that facial icing is a great natural remedy to cure a variety of skin problems. Most importantly, it is an inexpensive, easy-to-do and effective remedy to soothe inflamed skin, reduce puffiness, and calm irritated skin.

So, next time you wonder how to reduce redness on your face, slip into your freezer and get started with facial icing at least thrice a week.

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