Organic body butter is creating a buzz in the beauty world with its countless benefits. One of those ingredients from the body butter family is shea butter. Using shea butter for skin helps remove dark spots, acne scars, dryness, and soothes inflammation.

Read on to find out “what is shea butter” and some of the indispensable benefits of shea butter for skin.

What is Shea Butter?

You may wonder -what is shea butter made from? Well, it is a kind of fat taken out from the nuts of a shea tree, mostly in slight beige, ivory or off-white colour. Enriched with vitamin E and different types of fatty acids, it is an excellent natural moisturiser for your face and body. This natural emollient remains solid at room temperature.

8 Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin

Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin
Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin

Applying shea butter on the face helps tone, condition, and heal ensuring overall care of your skin health. Let’s look at the many benefits of shea butter for skin in detail:

1. Even Out Skin

Due to its high content of vitamin E and cell regenerative properties, shea butter helps reduce the appearance of patches, dark spots, blemishes, or acne scars to help you get rid of uneven skin tone.   

2. Gives Natural Glow

Shea butter is an excellent emollient for the face and body that helps stimulate the process of collagen synthesis while keeping it soft, supple and moisturised for long. Consistent use of shea butter for face heals dryness and scaliness to make skin glow naturally.

3. Anti-ageing Benefits

One of the primary benefits of shea butter for face is that it offers required moisturisation to your skin to help you get rid of wrinkles and refine texture. Regular usage of shea butter for skin is excellent to maintain skin elasticity, increase firmness, and prevent sagging skin.

4. Treats Skin Conditions

Shea butter has excellent anti-inflammatory properties to fortify the natural moisture barrier of skin, soothe redness, or irritation. It is a great natural remedy to cure mild skin infections like eczema, dermatitis, and fungal infections at home.

5. Reduce Stretch Marks

Being an excellent natural emollient, shea butter inhibits the regeneration of scar-producing tissue, promotes healthy cell growth, and diminishes the appearance of stretch marks.

6. Works as Sunscreen Too

This can be a surprising fact that shea butter is an effective sunscreen too. It has a natural tendency to protect the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and prevent free radical damage. It can be topped on your regular sunscreen for an extra layer of UV protection if you’re continuously exposed to the sun.

7. Heals Minor Cuts or Inflammation

Shea butter is touted for its excellent skin healing and moisturising properties. It accelerates the process of healing minor cuts, rashes or inflammation due to its collagen-boosting and deep moisturising abilities.

8. Moisturises and Nourishes Skin

Last but not least. Shea butter works perfectly well for normal to dry skin due to its intense moisturising and nourishing qualities. Unrefined shea butter penetrates into the epidermal layers of the skin and acts as a barrier between the skin and environmental pollutants to lock the natural moisture preventing it from becoming dry or dehydrated.

Different Ways to Use Shea Butter for Skin 

Wondering how to use shea butter for face? Here are some of the easy-to-make shea butter recipes for face including different shea butter uses for skin:

Shea Butter for Glowing Skin

Take a pea-sized amount of shea butter, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to it and warm it up between your palms. Apply and massage it every day before bedtime to attain a glowing complexion.

Shea Butter for Dry Skin

You can directly apply unrefined or organic shea butter to your face or body parts that feel dry. Use your fingers to massage it evenly until it gets absorbed into the skin. Apply it every day after taking a shower, on damp skin for maximised benefits.

Shea Butter for Oily Skin

You can add a few drops of tea tree oil to shea butter. Apply and massage it using your fingertips. Repeat the process every alternate day to balance excess oil secretion in the skin.

Shea Butter for Eczema

Apply shea butter as a regular moisturiser to treat skin conditions like eczema or inflammation. It is best to use it every day in affected areas before bedtime.

Organic Harvest Recommended Best Shea Butter Infused Products for Skin

Organic Harvest brings you a wide category of skincare products packed with the goodness of shea butter. Here’s the curated list of products with shea butter for skin:

1. Organic Harvest Radiance Face Elixir Cream

Radiance Face Elixir Cream - shea butter for face

Organic Harvest Radiance Face Elixir Cream is a lightweight and quick-absorbing formula that is made with organic shea butter and other plant-derived extracts. It penetrates into the outermost layers of the epidermis leaving a youthful radiance. This face cream is formulated to delay premature signs of ageing and fade out dark spots while moisturising the skin.

Price: 1895 INR
Buy Link: Organic Harvest Radiance Face Elixir Cream

2. Organic Harvest Organic Body Butter With Honey & Milk

Organic Body Butter With Honey & Milk

Organic Body Butter with Honey & Milk is an organic body butter for dry skin that keeps your skin moisturised for 8 to 12 hours. The non-greasy formula sinks well into the skin for ultra-rich nourishment, silky skin texture, and lasting hydration. It contains the benefits of honey for face which helps fight dryness, prevent wrinkles, and keeps your skin younger-looking.

Price: 395 INR
Buy Link: Organic Harvest Organic Body Butter With Honey & Milk

3. Organic Harvest Youthful Glow Face Cream: Saffron, Oat Milk & Peach

Glow Face Cream

Organic Harvest Youthful Glow Face Cream is made with a nourishing blend of oat milk, saffron and peach extracts. The fast-absorbing creamy consistency revitalises your skin and fights several skin concerns like acne, scars, and fine lines. It also helps shed off dead skin cells from the face’s surface, provides required moisturisation, and adds a youthful glow. This organic face cream works great to perfect your daily skincare routine.

Price: 499 INR
Buy Link: Organic Harvest Youthful Glow Face Cream: Saffron, Oat Milk & Peach

4. Organic Harvest Anti-tan Face Scrub: Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry & Rice Water 

Anti-tan Face Scrub

Organic Harvest Anti-tan Face Scrub is enriched with the benefits of kakadu plum, acai berry, and rice water. It helps exfoliate dead skin cell layers, remove tanning and even out skin tone. This face scrub also has intense hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties to calm inflammation and smoothen out the texture. The goodness of acai berry and kakadu plum soothes your skin and adds a radiant glow to your face.

Price: 599 INR
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5. Organic Harvest Shea Butter Lip Balm

Shea Butter Lip Balm

Organic Harvest Shea Butter Lip Balm is infused with the richness of shea butter and other organic plant oils. This organic lip balm is specially formulated for dry & chapped lips for long-lasting nourishment and moisturisation. It is an on-the-go dry lip remedy to keep your lips smooth, hydrated, and naturally pink.

Price: 199 INR
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How to Choose The Right Shea Butter for Your Skin?

Shea butter for skin comes in different colour shades (beige/cream, white-yellowish, turmeric-yellow) depending on its country of origin. However, good shea butter comes in a slightly yellowish or off-white ivory colour. The best quality shea butter has a nutty smell, and thick yet supple texture due to its rich content of vitamin E, fatty acids, and a myriad of other nutrients. It is best to choose an unrefined shea butter that is available in its organic form.

How to Store Shea Butter for Skin?

You can store shea butter in a jar-like container in the pantry area, basically away from direct sunlight. As it is likely to melt in the heat, ensure to store it away from the gas stove or windows near the sun.


Does shea butter lighten skin?

Shea butter is enriched with vitamin E and fatty acids that help remove dark spots, even out skin and brighten your skin complexion to an extent.

What are the possible side effects of using shea butter for the skin?

Unrefined or organic shea butter has no side effects on skin. But if you have excessive oily or acne-prone skin you are likely to have breakouts or pimples. 

Is shea butter good for your face?

Yes, shea butter has great healing, moisturising and anti-ageing properties to remove dark spots, reduce dryness, and soothe your skin, leaving a natural glow.

What happens if you apply shea butter every day?

You can use shea butter on your skin every day for its anti-ageing benefits, remove patches, blemishes, and keep your skin moisturised for long hours.

Does shea butter remove dark spots?

Yes, shea butter helps fade out dark spots, ageing spots, reduce acne marks, and redness giving you even-toned skin. 

Can shea butter be used directly on skin?

Yes, shea butter is a wonderful natural moisturiser for the face and body with great healing, conditioning, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

What can I mix with shea butter for glowing skin?

One of the best ways to use shea butter for glowing skin is to add organic essential oils like lavender oil, tea tree oil and rosemary oil.

Can I mix shea butter with my body lotion?

Yes, shea butter is a great face and body moisturiser so it can be added to your regular body lotion especially during winter to keep your skin moisturised and nourished for long hours.

What is the best oil to mix with shea butter?

Add lavender essential oil with shea butter for skin and warm it up between your palms to use it as a face and body moisturised for several skin benefits. 


Shea butter is an excellent emollient for skin with anti-ageing and deep conditioning abilities. This versatile gift of nature offers oodles of skincare benefits be it dark spots, dry skin, acne treatment, or stretch marks. 

Well, the benefits of shea butter are not only limited to the skin. Read more about the multiple benefits of shea butter for hair and make the most of this gem of an ingredient without spending a fortune!