Soaked almonds and walnuts every morning have been a health staple for years now! The ability these two nuts have to boost healthy living and brain power is incredible. But, did you know that walnuts also have incredible benefits for your hair? Extremely rich in healthy fats and protein, walnuts actually houses a whole lot of nutrients that help maintain skin and hair health.

The benefits of walnut for hair are rather surprising—thanks to its high content in vitamins B and E, antioxidants, and calcium, walnuts can prove to be a rather interesting and effective addition to your hair care products and routine. Scroll down to see the walnut oil benefits for hair and how to use walnuts in your daily routine to help strengthen, nourish, and improve your mane’s health.

1. Boosts Hair Growth

The antioxidants present in walnuts along with the essential fatty acids and protein, helps speed up and promote healthy hair growth. The combination of nutrients also encourages and improves the quality of your natural hair.

2. Encourages Scalp Health

Did you know that healthy hair starts from scalp care? All the nutrients present in walnuts help nourish the scalp, improve blood circulation, and also boosts overall scalp health. This creates a healthy environment for your hair to grow, resulting in a well-nourished mane.

3. Reduces Hair Loss

When your scalp is taken care of, so is the rest of your hair. Walnuts are rich in hair loving nutrients that aid in boosting hair growth and strengthens hair. The stronger the hair, the lesser the chances of experiencing hair fall and loss. It’s a great home remedy for hair fall.

4. Tackles Dandruff

Want an answer on how to remove dandruff? We’ve got your back! Walnuts contain a whole lot of antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that deep cleanse the scalp and get rid of scalp conditions like dandruff. The nut is also rich in anti-inflammatories which help soothe and calm inflammation, and prevent any sort of irritation or itching caused by dandruff. 

5. Prevents Hair Thinning

If you’re someone who has thin hair, then walnuts are meant for you. Nutrients like iron, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and calcium present in walnuts helps nourish the roots, strengthening them enough to prevent thinning.

6. Slows Down Premature Greying

Looking at how to stop grey hair naturally? Walnut is the answer. Nobody likes grey hair, especially at an early age, and applying walnut oil can help combat that. Thanks to its melanin-rich properties, walnuts have the ability to add colour to the hair and prevent it from losing its pigment before time.

7. Makes Hair Shiny & Soft

Wondering how to get rid of split ends? Walnuts will do so much more! Rich in keratin, walnut oil for hair is a great way to make it shiny and soft. Keratin is the natural protein your hair requires to look shiny and manageable, and walnuts can help you get there! Whether you choose to apply an oil or a conditioning hair pack, you’re sure to find yourself with frizz-free, soft, and gorgeous hair.

8. Conditions Hair & Strengthens It From The Root

Walnuts are loaded with essential fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, all of which work together to moisturise and condition the hair follicles. It locks in moisture, keeps hair soft and manageable, prevents dryness, and strengthens the hair from the root. This also paves the way for a more healthy mane.

Nutritional Value in Walnut

Did you know that there are several benefits of eating walnuts for hair too? This superfood is nourishing and healthy. Here’s what you will find in 100 grams of walnuts (654 calories).

Protein15.23 grams
Carbohydrates13.71 grams
Fiber6.7 grams
Sugar2.61 grams
Calcium98 milligrams
Iron2.91 milligrams
Magnesium159 miligrams
Phosphorous346 milligrams
Potassium441 milligrams

How To Use Walnut for Hair 

Other than consuming the nut, there are several ways in which you can use walnuts for your hair. Here are a few ways in which you can get to experience the benefits of walnuts for hair at the comfort of your home.

Use #1: Walnut Oil

walnut oil for hair
walnut oil for hair


  • 10 – 15 walnuts
  • 500 ml water
  • 1 cup coconut oil


Step 1: Start by boiling the walnuts in water for about 20 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Step 2: Blend the walnuts and turn it into a powder.

Step 3: Now, add the cup of pure coconut oil to the powder and mix away.

Step 4: Apply the oil on your scalp and the lengths of your hair and leave it on for about an hour.

Step 5: Wash off with a mild shampoo and conditioner–repeat the process at least twice a week to see actual results.

Use #2: Egg, Honey, Coconut Oil, & Walnut Oil Hair Mask

walnut is good for hair
walnut is good for hair


  • 1 egg
  • ½ teaspoon honey
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ½ cup walnut oil


Step 1: Mix the ingredients all together to form a smooth and thick paste. Ensure that there aren’t any lumps.

Step 2: Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair—massage it gently, allowing for the mix to really seep into your locks. Wrap your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse off with your regular shampoo and hair conditioner. Make sure to use cool water for the first rinse, to avoid the egg from cooking.

Use #3: Aloe Vera & Walnut Oil Leave In Conditioner

walnut oil benefits for hair
walnut oil benefits for hair


  • ½ cup aloe vera gel
  • 2 tablespoons walnut oil


Step 1: Mix the two ingredients and apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave it on overnight.

Step 2: Rinse off with lukewarm water the next day.

Use #4: Walnut Shell Hair Dye

walnuts for hair
walnuts for hair


  • 10 – 15 walnut shells


Step 1: Begin by crushing the walnut shells and soak the mixture in boiling water for about 30 minutes.

Step 2: Separate the shells from the liquid, and let the liquid cool.

Step 3: Once the liquid cools, find your grey hair and begin applying the liquid on those selected strands with a cotton ball.

Step 4: Let it sit for about 30 minutes, before rinsing it off with cold water.

Organic Harvest Recommended Best Walnut Infused Products for Hair

While DIY methods are great to get your gears going, you can also reap the benefits of walnuts for hair by opting for walnut-infused products. Here’s our curation of the best products you can dive into today.

1. Everyday Shampoo: Coffee & Walnuts

Enjoy the benefits of coffee for hair through this everyday coffee and walnut shampoo. Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this organic hair shampoo is the perfect go-to for damaged hair. The walnut and coffee combination cleanses the scalp and helps with hair fall, hair thinning, premature greying, and frizziness.

2. Everyday Hair Oil: Coffee & Walnuts

Dive into self-care Sunday with an organic hair oil that nourishes, controls hair fall, and strengthens hair from the roots. Enriched with antioxidant rich coffee and walnuts, it helps prevent breakage, strengthens hair, and boosts hair growth.


Can walnuts increase hair growth?

Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, walnuts help strengthen the hair follicles, improve blood circulation, and even boost healthy hair, which in turn impacts your hair growth positively too!

How many walnuts should I eat for hair growth?

The recommended dosage for consuming walnuts is about 6 to 8 small pieces. This way you will reap all the health benefits of the nut.

How do you eat walnuts for hair?

It’s best to eat walnuts that have been soaked in water, in the morning when you wake up.

Do walnuts thicken hair?

Yes, walnuts contain properties and nutrients that strengthen the hair while conditioning it, in turn leaving you with a thick mane.

Are 2 walnuts a day enough?

The recommended daily dosage of walnuts is about 6 to 8 small pieces, however 2 to 4 whole walnuts is perfectly adequate too.

Should I soak walnuts before eating?

While you can consume walnuts whole, it is best to soak the walnut in warm water before consuming it as this aids with digestion.

Who should avoid eating walnuts? 

Anyone with a nut allergy should certainly avoid consuming walnuts. In excess amounts, eating too many walnuts may result in digestion issues like bloating, stomach aches, and even diarrhea.


There are so many benefits of walnuts for hair it is truly hard to ignore how amazing this superfood is. Whether you choose to consume it or apply it, you can be assured that walnuts will be amazing for both your overall health and hair health too!

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