Dry skin isn’t just limited to your face, it extends to your body as well. In the process of treating your face, however, the skin on your body gets neglected. But, guess what? It goes through the same turmoil the skin on your face does too. Investing in the right kind of body care products will help provide your body with the same kind of TLC your regular skin care products do too. So, let’s start with the basics shall we?

When dealing with dry skin, hydration and moisturisation is key, and this is something you need to keep an eye out for in your soap. Shower time can strip your skin off its natural oils and therefore picking the best soap for dry skin is the most apt step one in your routine. Other than cleansing your skin from impurities, this soap also needs to dive deep within the layers of your skin to nourish and hydrate it, and provide it with the right amount of moisture to keep it soft and supple. Scroll down to see the best organic soaps for dry skin that will help give your skin the TLC it needs. 

1. Gentle Cleansing Bathing Bar: Sandalwood

Luxurious and nourishing, this sandalwood bathing bar is all you need to refresh your skin and your senses. Enriched with organic glycerin and sandalwood extracts, this bathing bar soap intensely hydrates your skin. The benefits of glycerin for skin also helps softens and smoothen texture, and gently cleanses it, while leaving you with a plump and moisturised glow.

2. Jasmine Bathing Bar

A jasmine bathing bar that gently cleanses your skin, this is one of the best organic soaps in India. The formulation helps remove impurities, keeps your skin hydrated, soft, and moisturised, and also prevents inflammation. The soothing floral scent helps uplift your mood, while relaxing your muscles too.

3. Lavender Bathing Bar

A lavender-scented bathing bar that cleanses your skin, without stripping it off its natural moisture. Formulated with organic and sulphate free ingredients, it helps lock in moisture, nourishes the skin, and even prevents inflammation or itchiness. The lavender aids in toning and revitalising your skin.

4. Frangipani Bathing Bar

A Frangipani bathing bar that helps cleanse your skin from impurities while retaining its natural moisture. Ideal for all skin types, the formula aids in maintaining normal levels of oil production, provides necessary nourishment and moisture, and prevents inflammation or itchiness to the skin.

5. Luxury Bathing Bar Rose, Aloe Vera, Aqua Cool & Chandan Haldi

This indulgent pack of four bathing soaps are all you need to start and unwind your day. With a mix of rose, aloe vera, aqua cool, and chandan haldi, all of the soaps set out to intensely nourish, deeply cleanse, boost radiance, and uplifts your senses. Luxurious and functional, it’s the perfect go-to for all your bathing needs.

How To Choose The Right Soap for Dry Skin?

Dry skin requires a whole lot of TLC, especially when it comes to picking the right soap. Considering you are using it daily (once, if not twice a day), it is important you pick something that is apt for your skin type. The best soaps for dry skin often contain certain ingredients that help nourish the skin and moisturise it in the right manner. Scroll down to see what to look out for when choosing the right soap for your dry skin.

1. Go For Gentle Formulas

Make sure to opt for gentler formulas that won’t strip your skin off its natural oils. You want a formula that’s strong enough to remove impurities, but mild enough to retain your skin’s natural moisture.

2. Look Out For Glycerin

Glycerin is a great ingredient to watch out for when you’re choosing a soap for dry skin. This helps intensely moisturise the skin.

3. Avoid SLS

SLS is often found in cleansing detergents and is sometimes present in body wash formulas too! Yes, it’s harsh enough to wash your clothes, you can only imagine what it’ll do to your skin, especially if you’ve got dryness or sensitivity. Avoid formulations that contain SLS, as this’ll only make skin drier. 

4. Opt For Lanolin, Plant Oils, Or Hyaluronic Acid

Ingredients like plant oils, lanolin, or hyaluronic acid need to be present in your soap, especially if you are looking to treat dry skin. Cocoa butters, olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, are all great to nourish your dry skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that helps lock-in moisture, which makes it a great option, especially when you’re trying to prevent transepidermal moisture loss. 

5. Avoid Artificially Added Fragrances & Alcohol

Added fragrance and alcohol in your soap can dry out the skin further and can even cause irritation. That is why it is best to stay away from these, if you are looking for a soap for dry skin.


Is it okay to use soaps everyday for dry skin?

It is perfectly alright to bathe with soaps everyday, even if you have dry skin. Just make sure to pick a soap that has the right formula for your skin type. Go for nourishing and hydrating ingredients that help moisturise the skin, while gently cleansing it. 

Does using too much soap dry your skin?

No, this isn’t true. Depending on the ingredients present in the soap, it won’t dry your skin out. Go for ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid or even plant oils, that will help replenish lost oils in your skin.

What can I use instead of soap for dry skin?

If you feel like soap might dry out your skin a little and be too harsh, then opt for a hydrating shower gel instead.


When it comes to dry skin treatments at home, you need to look at a good soap formulated for your skin type as part of your routine. While the purpose of a soap is to cleanse, you also need to make sure that the soap for dry skin also nourishes, hydrates, and moisturises too. Top it off with a great body lotion, and we’re sure your skin will start glowing from the first use itself!

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