Hyperpigmentation/Pigmentation occurs when the skin produces more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. This can cause spots or patches of skin to appear darker than surrounding areas. You should know hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition and affects all skin types. It can be caused by intense sun exposure, skin inflammation, or after an injury.

We understand that getting rid of the pigmentation is a task on its own, but Organic Harvest has found a solution for it. Organic Harvest has come out of Luminosity Range, which targets hyperpigmentation/pigmentation. This range consists of:

Luminosity- Anti Pigmentation Serum

Luminosity- Anti Pigmentation Serum is made with red guava, organic daisy, and white mulberry extract which help in reducing pigmentation, and decreasing melanin production. It also protects the skin from sun damage, prevents wrinkle formation, and provides an even skin tone.

Luminosity- Anti Pigmentation Cream

Luminosity- Anti Pigmentation Cream reduces pigmentation, decreases melanin production, and prevents wrinkle formation. It also helps in giving a natural healthy glow to the skin, by getting rid of dead skin cells.

For best results, you should use this cream and serum together, twice a day. First, apply the Anti Pigmentation Serum on a clean face in an upward motion. Then, top it off with the Anti Pigmentation cream.

You can even save yourself some money by buying the Anti-Pigmentation Cream + Serum Combo.