Hair that looks and feels like straw? We feel you. No amount of styling can make dull hair look good. We know just what you require, that is, Mango. Mango isn’t just good for desserts and satisfying our sweet tooth, even our hair loves it as much as our gut. Mango is high in vitamin C, which promotes collagen production which further structures your hair and helps in the growth of healthy hair.

Your work to get voluminous bouncy hair has been reduced to just two steps. Organic Harvest has launched the Nourishment Range with Mango, which is your solution to get rid of dry hair. The mango range includes:

Organic Nourishment Shampoo

Most shampoos are filled with chemicals that strip down your scalp from all the natural oils, resulting in a dry scalp and dry hair. Dry hair results in further damage like split ends, frizzy hair, white hair, etc. Organic Nourishment Shampoo is perfect for people who have dry and dull hair, as it conditions hair and seals in the moisture in your scalp. It is a cream-based shampoo that won’t strip down all the moisture from your scalp, rather will seal in the natural moisture your scalp produces, and make sure your hair gets the required moisture and doesn’t become dry and frizzy. It gives your hair natural volume and lifts while retaining the essential moisture. Organic Nourishment Shampoo also protects from damage from heat and UV rays.

Organic Nourishment Conditioner

Organic Nourishment Conditioner provides ultra-smooth and frizz-free results. Something unique about this conditioner is that this conditions your scalp too, that is, you can apply it on your scalp too. It seals in the moisture from roots to ends. The moisture re-stored in your scalp will help in the promotion of new hair growth. Also protects hair and scalp from harmful UV rays.
Use regularly to get those shiny, healthy, and easy to manage hair.

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