Dandruff isn’t the best hair and scalp conditions to have. While it isn’t harmful in any manner, it can get a little embarrassing and annoying. Especially, if you’re experiencing flaking, then dandruff isn’t really your best friend. While investing in the right hair care products like the best anti dandruff shampoo for hair is definitely the way to go, you also need to go the extra mile to fix and treat this recurring problem. Step in homemade hair packs for dandruff––these sure shot remedies harness the powers of natural ingredients to treat, heal, and protect the scalp. They keep the dryness and flakiness at bay, and treat dandruff from the root itself. We’ve put together a few hair masks for dandruff, that are easy to whip up, and make for the perfect go-to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Causes Of Dandruff 

Dandruff isn’t a major condition, but it is one that impacts many. There can be many causes of dandruff, and in order to treat it with the right hair mask for dandruff, it’s important to understand its underlying cause. Here are some of the most common reasons for dandruff:

  • Irritated oily scalp
  • Dry scalp
  • Sensitivity to hair products
  • Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • An yeast-like fungus called malassezia

6 DIY Hair Masks for Dandruff at Home

Brace yourselves for the next #selfcaresunday, as you treat your hair condition with a homemade hair mask for dandruff. Scroll down to take your pick from 6 of the easiest and most effective hair packs made just for you.

1. Green Tea & Peppermint Hair Rinse

This homemade hair mask for dandruff is more of a rinse. The combination of green tea and peppermint help drive dandruff away in the most gentle way possible—they tackle the dandruff-causing bacteria, and also soothe the scalp. These two ingredients also add shine to the rest of your hair. 

What You Need:

  • 1 cup green tea
  • 1 spoon white vinegar
  • A few drops peppermint essential oil

How to Prepare & Apply:

Mix the ingredients together and apply this rinse to your scalp and the lengths of your hair, post your regular shampoo. Massage it into the scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes. Use a chemical-free shampoo to wash it off.

How Often To Use:

You can use this mask once a week to exfoliate the scalp

2. Yogurt, Lemon, & Honey Hair Mask

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The ultimate hair mask for dandruff, each ingredient in this mix plays a significant role in treating the hair and scalp condition. The lemon juice balances out the pH level of your hair, the honey acts like an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that soothes infection in the scalp, and the yoghurt repairs damage and conditions the hair.

What You Need:

  • ½ cup yoghurt 
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp honey

How To Prepare & Apply:

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl, until it’s smooth. Apply the hair mask to your hair—begin by massaging it into your roots and then slowly make your way to the length of your hair. Wait for 30 minutes, before rinsing it off with a mild shampoo. 

How Often To Use:

You can use this mask once a week and build up usage to twice a week, once you start to see results.

3. Honey, Banana, Lemon, & Olive Oil

Wondering how to get rid of dandruff? This hair mask for dandruff works wonders for those with a dry and dehydrated scalp (and hair). Bananas and honey act like natural conditioners, while treating your scalp. Olive oil is also one of the best hair oils for dandruff and can help soften and strengthen your locks. Like the previous hair mask, lemon balances out your scalp’s pH level.

What You Need:

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

How To Prepare & Apply:

Mash the bananas and then add the rest of the ingredients and blend away. You need to have a mixture that is lump-free and consistent. Apply it to your scalp and hair, and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with a sulfate-free, mild shampoo.

How Often To Use:

You can apply this mask once a week to your hair.

4. Egg & Yogurt Hair Mask

Another hair mask for dandruff, the combination of egg and yogurt give your scalp the nourishing boost it requires to stay healthy.  It’s a great DIY hair mask for those with mild dandruff.

What You Need:

  • 2 egg yolks (for dry hair) or 2 egg whites (for oily hair) or 1 whole egg (for normal hair)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

How To Prepare & Apply:

Whisk up the ingredients in a bowl and mix away until you get a consistency that’s smooth and paste-like. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp, and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off the mixture with a mild shampoo—use only cold water to do so.

How Often To Use:

Apply this hair mask once a week.

5. Avocado Hair Mask

Avocado on toast? Hell, yes! Avocado on your hair? Even better! This hair mask for dandruff is the perfect way to get rid of those flakes. Rich in antioxidants, avocados actually help maintain your scalp’s health, condition your hair, and soothe your scalp. 

What You Need:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

How To Prepare & Apply:

Mash the ripe avocado in a bowl until it’s smooth and lump-free. Mix in the honey and olive oil and blend away till it’s all combined together. Apply it to your hair––cover it from root to tip. Leave it on for 45 minutes, before washing the hair mask off with a mild shampoo.

How Often To Use:

You can use this hair mask once a week.

6. Fenugreek Hair Mask

Did you know that fenugreek aka methi, is probably one of the most effective kitchen ingredients for hair health? Using it as part of your hair mask for dandruff, not only strengthens the hair but also tackles fungal infections and dandruff.

What You Need:

  • 4-5 tbsp fenugreek seeds
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

How To Prepare & Apply:

After soaking the fenugreek seeds overnight, blend them with water to get a smooth paste. Throw in the lemon juice and mix away. Massage this hair pack for dandruff on to your scalp and the rest of your hair. Wait for 30 minutes before washing your hair off with a mild sulfate free shampoo.

How Often To Use:

You can apply this mask once a week.


What Are Some Hair Care Tips To Follow To Get Rid Of Dandruff?

For those with mild dandruff, use a gentle shampoo that will help get rid of excess oil and dead skin cell buildup. You can even use an exfoliating shampoo or rinse once a week to remove buildup on the scalp. 

Can A Hair Mask Remove Dandruff?

Yes, with persistent use, a hair mask can help balance out oil levels in the scalp, help treat the dandruff, and prevent it from recurring. 

Is Curd Good For Dandruff?

Curd or yogurt is a miracle worker when it comes to dealing with dandruff. It also conditions the hair naturally.

What Foods Make Dandruff Worse?

Diets that are high in processed foods or sugars or trans fats, can lead to overproduction of oil in the scalp and skin and result in dandruff.

What Can I Mix With Dahi For Dandruff?

You can mix in some olive oil and lemon juice with yogurt or dahi, to help tackle dandruff.

What Food Kills Dandruff?

Foods like poultry, olive oil, bananas, avocados, nuts, and fatty fish are great when it comes to reducing and killing dandruff.

Can Aloe Vera Remove Dandruff?

Aloe vera is an effective treatment for one of the causes of dandruff known as seborrheic dermatitis. It helps reduce itching, flakiness, and also reduces the inflammation caused by dandruff.


Dandruff is a rather common hair and scalp condition that a lot of people tend to experience. The fix is simple! With the right kind of routine and the best hair masks for dandruff, you’ll be able to treat your scalp to the nutrients it needs to remain healthy!

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