Be it a quick makeover for a function or an unwinding activity you want to indulge in after a long day — a good calming facial at home makes up for everything that your skin needs.

So, if you’re about to book a salon appointment for a luxurious facial experience, save it for later! Because we’ve got a detailed guide on how to do facials at home to get glowing, instantly.

Let’s hop on it.

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleanse - step of facial at home

The most critical step of facials at home is thorough cleansing. It helps you get rid of all the gunk underneath your skin and leaves you with a clean face. Remember, cleansing is the key to a good home facial for glowing skin.

  • How To Do: Wet your face with a splash of warm water. Use a coin size amount of the facial cleanser and go about applying and massaging it in small circular motions. Do it for a minute at least and then rinse off with cool water.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliate - facial at home step by step

It’s time to scrub your face to remove the dead skin cells, unclog blocked pores, and remove excess oil and impurities from the face. This step increases your skin’s absorption capacity to soak up further skincare products.

  • How To Do: Use a coin-sized amount of a homemade face scrub and apply it all over the face in a dotted pattern. Take some water to mechanically exfoliate your skin using your fingertips. Scrub your face for 40-50 seconds in small circular motions and wash it off with cool water.

Step 3: Steam

Steam - how to do facial at home step by step

Steaming your face after exfoliation softens and opens up your pores to prepare it for blackheads removal. It also purifies your skin while increasing blood flow to restore lost moisture levels.

  • How To Do: Take a small vessel filled with distilled water. Warm it up on the stove and allow it to boil for a few minutes. Now, take a towel and drape it over your head such that the steam is trapped around your face. Steam your face for 2-3 minutes. You can also add suitable organic essential oils in the water for aromatherapy.

Step 4: Extract

Extraction is the removal of whiteheads and blackheads by popping the pores out, on the surface of your face. It is again one of the most crucial steps in facial treatment at home, and should not be skipped. This step prevents the chances of future breakouts or acne.

  • How To Do: Use a blackhead removal needle to perform extractions. Firstly, cleanse the tool with an alcohol-based disinfectant. Now, dampen your skin so that the extraction is smooth. Place the loop at a certain degree to the extraction areas (t-zone of the face) and apply gentle pressure to scrap the sebaceous filaments & blackheads. 

Step 5: Toner

Toner - home facial for glowing skin

Once you’re done, use moist cotton to wipe out the residue. Follow it up with a refreshing toner to tighten pores, hydrate and soothe your skin of any inflammation or redness due to extraction.

  • How To Do: Take an organic toner between your palms and press it well into your skin. 

Step 6: Massage

Massage - facial at home step by step

After using a toner, you will need to top up your skin with a suitable massage cream to protect the natural moisture mantle of the skin and tone down your face.

  • How To Do: Take a cherry-sized amount of moisturiser in your palms and apply it all over your face and neck areas. Make sure you use gentle upwards and outward massage strokes to melt the moisturiser into your skin and reap maximum benefits from it. It also helps reduce face fat giving your face a more chiselled structure.

Step 7: Mask Up

Face Mask - facial at home

A face mask seals in all the goodness of the home facial steps done so far. It also targets specific skin concerns while leaving a natural glow. Alternatively, you can also use a sheet mask to pamper your skin and relax! If you have oily/acne-prone skin, use a clay face mask and for dry & sensitive skin types opt for a cream-based face mask.

  • How To Do: Prepare a DIY face mask for glowing skin and apply it evenly to your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes for your skin to absorb the benefits of all the natural ingredients. Remove the face mask using some water, rinse it off thoroughly, and pat dry your face.

What Are The Benefits Of A Facial?

An instant glow facial at home is much more than achieving enviable radiance on your face. It also deeply exfoliates the skin to remove whiteheads & blackheads, perk up dead skin cells layer and clear out stubborn impurities on the face. Doing a natural facial at home step by step is a great way to tone & tighten your skin with the added benefits of increased blood circulation and relaxation.

Pro-Tip: Create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere at home to amp up your facial experience and enjoy it to the fullest while also unwinding.

Precautions To Follow Before Having A Facial At Home

Before doing a facial at home, make sure to deeply cleanse your face to remove the first layer of dirt, excess oil, and grime on the surface of the skin. Also, ensure washing your hands before proceeding with an at-home facial for hygienic purposes and to avoid any possibilities of a skin infection.

Do’s and Don’ts To Follow After Facial 

Here are the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind after doing a facial at home:

  • Do not use a face wash for at least 3-4 hours.
  • Avoid using soap or any abrasive skincare product on the face to retain the benefits of the facial.
  • Do not apply makeup or skincare products like serum or moisturisers for the next 5-6 hours. This is because your skin needs to breathe for a while and applying these products can take away the effects of the facial.
  • Protect your skin from direct sunlight after a facial treatment at home.


Which type of facial is best?

A natural facial at home is best to attain the skin of your dreams without spending too much.

How often should you get a facial?

You can do a facial at home once every 25-30 days to maintain youthful and glowing skin.

Is it good to do a facial every month?

Yes, dermatologists recommend getting a facial once every month.

How long do facial results last?

The results of at-home facials last 3-5 days depending on the aftercare.

Do facials remove blackheads?

Yes, one of the primary benefits of face facial at home is to get rid of blackheads and dead skin cells.


So, all set to do your best facial for glowing skin at home this weekend? Follow all of the 7 steps of a perfect facial at home and get glowing!

Also, if you are into organic skincare, get your hands on these organic facial kits which come with 6-step skincare products to help you get an instant makeover in under 30 minutes – hassle-free.

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