Everyone should subscribe to the concept, “Age is just a number.” Having said that, growing older doesn’t mean you have to grow old. By utilizing the benefits of organic ingredients combined with good lifestyle choices, you can younger and more beautiful with each passing year.

While we might not have the elixir of life or a secret route to the fountain of youth, we have solutions in the form of organic products to safely and naturally improve the way the skin looks and feels, inside and out.

Do you follow a skincare routine? Or do you just fall asleep every night without doing anything for your skin?

You may not be aware of how much skincare contributes to maintaining healthy skin and a youthful glow. Moreover, it is vital to choose the right products with active ingredients and safe formulation for skin’s health. Unknowingly at times, we end up slathering toxic chemicals on our skin that contributes aggravated skin ageing concerns. The conventional skincare products mixed with tons of stabilizers, preservatives, chemicals and synthetic fragrances damage the skin’s functionality and impacts the skin’s appearance and quality negatively. Hence, you should opt for clean beauty products for the beneficiary of your skin.

While on the other hand, organic skincare products are formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients that helps in achieving and further maintaining a bright, clear and smooth skin. Moreover, organic anti-ageing products when used on regularly and properly helps to fight the premature appearance of wrinkles and boosts collagen as well.

With hectic contemporary lifestyle and polluted environment, going organic is the way out to take care of your skin and its health. Our Activ range offers you 100% organic and active ingredients to fight early signs of ageing and grow more beautiful as you age.  The Juvenescence Anti-Ageing Serum is a certified organic product made with plant-derived ingredients. It helps to reduce signs of photoaging and wrinkle depth and further also provides a smoother skin tone.

Juvenescence Anti-Ageing Serum

The 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free gel-based formula absorbs into the skin, reduces dryness and inflammation of the skin and works perfectly with oily skin types. The honeysuckle extract and organic soybean extract helps to soothe the skin and convey antioxidant benefits.

On the other hand, the Juvenescence Anti-Ageing Cream works well for dry skin as it is a cream-based formula and more moisturising on the surface of the skin.

Juvenescence Anti-Ageing Cream

The Activ Anti-Ageing range by Organic Harvest works as an all in one solution to grow more beautiful as you age and maintain youthful, glowing skin. Moreover, it heals the skin and also retards the process of skin ageing while helping clear blemishes, fine lines, sun spots, among many other skin concerns.