Curly hair, don’t care? Well, anyone with curls will know that curly hair requires a whole lot of care, so ignoring it isn’t an option! For years, the conversation around curls was almost non-existent. If you had this hair type the only solution was to either brush it out or straighten it.

Thankfully, curls are finally getting their much-deserved moment in the spotlight. With the right kind of hair products, curly haired girls can take a sigh of relief. If you’re looking at how to maintain curly hair, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on curly hair tips and of course the perfect routine for curly hair too. Scroll down to get the ultimate low-down on caring for those curls and maintaining them well.

Tip #1: Comb Bottom To Top

When detangling your curls, ensure that you start combing them from the bottom and then move your way to the top. This prevents the hair from breaking. You can use a wide-toothed comb when doing so, as it won’t disrupt the curls and cause them to frizz up.

Tip #2: Mix Up Your Curl Creams

Curly hair requires extra hydration and moisture to hold and not frizz up. Therefore, feel free to cocktail your curl creams so that you can cater to each and every curl on your head. Try cocktailing a hair serum with a mousse or even mix it up with some hair oil. This provides your hair with the hold it requires to stay intact through the day.

Tip #3: Go For Regular Trims

Regular trims help keep your hair damage-free! When split ends come into play, it tends to make curls look unruly. So, heading to your nearest salon for a bit of a trim will help keep the rest of mane healthy and unmanageable.

Tip #4: Dry With A Curl Diffuser

While air drying might be your best option, if you really need to dry your hair use a diffuser. This helps add more definition to your curls and even boosts the volume of the curl pattern.

Tip #5: Sleep With A Satin Pillow

Cotton pillowcases can often cause breakage, damage, and frizz, leading to unruly curls. Sleeping with a satin or silk pillow avoids all of this. Feel free to pull your hair up into a pineapple bun and secure it with a silk scarf or a turban. This’ll keep your curls intact through the night.

Tip #6: Opt For The Right Hairstyle When Sleeping

Another curly hair tip if you want to go all out, is to pull out the curling tongs and refresh your curls with some heat. Using a curling iron that has the same barrel diameter as your natural curls is the best way to refresh your second or third day hair that might feel a little limp and flat.

Tip #7: Use A Hydrating Hair Mask

A hydrating hair mask is key when you’re looking at how to care for curly hair. It adds moisture and nourishment to your curls and leaves them with bounce, volume, and shine.

Tip #8: Use Cold Water For A Final Rinse

One of the most useful hair care tips for curly hair is to always rinse your hair with cold water as a final wash, after you’re done with your hair routine. Running cold water through your curls will help lock-in your conditioned hair cuticles and prevent frizz.

Tip #9: Use Your Fingers & Never Brush

One of the biggest rules for curly haired girls is to never brush your curls! First, make sure to detangle your hair once you’re done with a shampoo, just before applying hair conditioner. You can do this by using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Do not use a brush on dry hair, or you risk the chance of creating more friction causing your hair to frizz up even more.

Tip #10: When It Doubt Spray It Out

Whenever you do want to refresh your curls, make sure to section out your hair and then simply, spritz on some water to boost moisture. Products work a whole lot better when the hair is slightly damp rather than dry—this helps your curl cream or mousse work its magic way more, resulting in amazing curls.

Tip #11: Try A Pre-Shampoo Treatment

If you want to treat those curls, then simply add a pre-shampoo treatment to your haircare routine. A pre-shampoo treatment like a hair mask or hair oil is enough to condition your hair before a shower. 

Tip #12: Avoid Too Much Product

Product is good, too much product isn’t. Avoid applying too much product on your curls, as this will weigh them down and leave them looking a little limp. Make sure to focus the product on your ends, especially avoiding the roots as much as you can.

Things to Avoid When You Have Curly Hair

Let’s be real––dealing with curls isn’t a walk in the park. You need to treat each and every curl with love, care, and respect. Which also means, there are certain things that you should avoid entirely. Scroll down to see how to maintain curly hair and what not to do to your curls.

#1: Avoid washing your curly hair every single day. This hair type tends to dry out and lose its oil very easily, therefore shampooing it everyday doesn’t contribute to its overall health.

#2: Keep things natural, as much as you can! Avoid styling your hair with heat, as this once again, tends to suck out moisture and dry out your hair.

#3: Pick and choose your hair care products wisely—use curl specific products that will help enhance those curls, rather than pull them down.

#4: Try and wear your hair in loose hairstyles. Tight hairstyles tend to tug on the roots and pull them, resulting in breakage, split ends, and frizz.

#5: Once again, never brush your hair. Comb it. But never brush it, especially when it’s dry.

Organic Harvest Recommended Best Products For Curly Hair

Following the right routine for curly hair? Here are some products that are formulated for your hair type and will keep those curls hydrated, moisturised, and nourished.

1. Organic Moisturising Hair Oil – Curly Hair

An organic hair oil that is enriched with the perfect blend of avocado, jojoba, grape seed, coconut, and argan oils, this product is specially formulated for those with curly hair. It helps fight hair woes like dry, frizzy, dull-looking hair and even improves overall hair health. The formulation also keeps the scalp hydrated and provides the right amount of nourishment and nutrition to your hair.

2. Organic Moisturising Conditioner – Curly Hair

A curly hair conditioner that helps with naturally curly hair, this one aids in softening frizz and fixing damage. The combination of avocado, jojoba, grape seed, coconut, and argan oil present in the formula, helps soothe dryness, reduces frizz, reduces split ends, and even adds volume and bounce to your hair.

3. Organic Moisturising Shampoo – Curly Hair

Moisturizing Shampoo for Curly Hair Care Routine
Moisturising Shampoo for Curly Hair Care Routine

Looking for the perfect shampoo for your curly hair? Formulated with the goodness of avocado, jojoba, grape seed, coconut, and argan oil, this shampoo helps reduce scalp itching, treats dry and frizzy curls, keeps your hair soft and more manageable, adds a shine, and contributes to making it look fuller and more voluminous. 

Price: 495 INR
Buy link: Organic Moisturising Shampoo – Curly Hair

4. GO Curls Hair Shampoo

Get gorgeous curls with a hair shampoo that is enriched with avocado oil, chamomile extract, vitamin E, flaxseed oil, moroccan argan oil, and pea protein. Those with naturally curly hair can benefit from this shampoo as it helps cleanse the scalp, minimises breakage, and reduces frizziness.

5. GO Curls Hair Conditioner

Enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, vitamin E, flaxseed oil, moroccan argan oil, and pea protein, this conditioner helps repair, hydrate, and strengthen hair strands. The formula also aids in retaining elasticity of your curls and abolishes hair fall. It’s the perfect treat for each and every one of your curls.

6. Natural Protein Hair Conditioner

Natural Conditioner for Curly Hair
Natural Conditioner for Curly Hair

Formulated with quinoa, wheat, pea, murumuru butter and niacinamide, this natural hair conditioner helps hydrate your dry scalp, deep conditions dry locks, boosts hair growth, and even leaves you with soft and smooth hair.

Price: 429 INR
Buy link: The Mom’s Co Natural Protein Hair Conditioner

Lifestyle Changes To Make To Maintain Curly Hair

As we said before, curly hair requires a whole lot of care and therefore you also need to pay attention to certain lifestyle changes in order to maintain it. Scroll down to see how to care for curly hair through your everyday practices too.

#1: Use a deep conditioner once a week to help replenish any lost moisture in your hair. This helps strengthen your hair bonds and also detangles it, without causing any breakage.

#2: Sleep with a hair bonnet! A lot happens to your hair while you sleep. Wearing your curls in a hair bonnet will help keep them intact.

#3: Be gentle with your curls, even when detangling! Curly hair tends to get unruly, unmanageable, and tangles easily. Therefore, whenever you are detangling your hair, make sure to use a gentle touch. Avoid tugging on the curls roughly and don’t use force when doing so.

#4: Do not use a towel when drying your hair. Soak up the excess water with a towel, and then let your air dry. 


How Often Should You Wash Your Curly Hair?

This depends entirely on the length of your hair, however, curly hair should be washed anywhere between 1 to 3 times a week. 

Is Curly Hair High Maintenance?

Truth be told, it isn’t high maintenance. Curly hair just requires a little extra care, in order to maintain those curls.

What Can Damage Curly Hair?

Excessive heat and brushing can damage curly hair and result in breakage.

How Can I Improve My Curls?

You can improve your curls by including hydrating and nourishing products in your hair care routine. Curly hair requires excess moisture to prevent hair from frizzing up and 

What Causes Frizzy Curly Hair?

Hair becomes frizzy when it’s stripped off its moisture. Dry hair results in breakage, which in turn causes split ends. When these ends aren’t nourished, they tend to look brittle resulting in a frizzy mane.

How Do You Moisturise Curly Hair?

The best way to moisturise curly hair is to follow the right hair care routine that is suited for your hair type. Ensure that the products are hydrating, nourishing, and moisturising, and help strengthen your hair from the roots. Invest in the right kind of hair shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning hair mask, and hair oil, to begin with, and then follow up with a curl cream for hold and definition.

Which Oil Is The Best For Curly Hair?

Oils that contain a blend of curl-loving oils like avocado oil, argan oil, and coconut oil, as this helps nourish your hair and keep the curls hydrated and moisturised.

H3: Can You Use Coconut Oil On Curly Hair?

Coconut oil is a great natural hydrator and moisturiser for curly hair. It helps penetrate deep into the hair cuticle and shaft, and aids in healing damage, while making hair softer and more manageable with time.


With the right hair care products, how to maintain curly hair is a breeze. All you need to do is show your curls some tender, loving, care, and it’ll reflect back on the way your hair shines and bounces. So, before you go straightening those curls, show them a little respect and go the natural way!

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