Cleansing Milk is a type of face cleanser that has a cream-based runny consistency. It helps remove all the dirt, grime and makeup from your face without stripping off the natural oils.

Read on to learn the step-by-step process of how to use cleansing milk. 

What is Organic Cleansing Milk?

Cleansing milk is not made of milk but has a milk-like creamy texture. It helps cleanse your face from dirt and impurities without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture level. Organic Harvest brings you first-ever organic cleansing milk made with plant-derived natural fats and is highly effective to cleanse your skin and remove makeup from your face.

How to Use Cleansing Milk?

Cleansing is the first step to your CTM ritual in skin care followed by toning and moisturising. If you get the first step right, consider it half-done. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind to use cleansing milk:

Step 1: Tie Your Hair

Firstly, pull your hair all the way back and tie it into a ponytail so that none of your hair strands fall on your face while cleansing. If you have short hair you can secure it using large tic-tac pins on both sides of the ears.

Step 2: Wash Your Hands

Before squeezing out the cleansing milk into your palms, wash your hands with soap and water to clear away bacteria and dirt causing infections or breakouts.

Step 3: Apply Cleansing

Take a coin size amount of organic cleansing milk between your palms and apply it directly to your face.

Step 4: Massage Your Face With Cleansing Milk

Cleanse your face in small circular motions using your fingertips. Make sure to massage your face evenly including your neck area. Leave it for 15 seconds.  

Step 5: Rinse Your Face with Lukewarm Water

Cleanse your face with lukewarm water to remove the cleansing milk residue and then pat dry your face.

Step 7: Apply Toner

Take alcohol-free toner between your palms and apply it in a dabbing motion all over your face. This step removes excess cleansing milk sitting in the pores and refreshes the skin.

Step 8: Apply Moisturiser

Wait for 15 seconds after using a toner and then top it off with your daily face cream or moisturiser to hydrate your face.  

Bonus Tip: To cleanse/remove makeup from a specific part of your face, apply a pea-sized amount of the cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe it off gently.

Organic Harvest Recommends: Cleansing Milk, 100 ML

Cleansing Milk - How to Use Cleansing Milk
Organic Cleansing Milk – How to Use Cleansing Milk

Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk is a certified organic product made with plant-derived ingredients. It is blended with Organic Essential Oils which help in deep cleansing of the skin, removing dirt, impurities, and pollution toxins from the skin while retaining its moisture. This is the best organic cleansing milk that is also used as a make-up remover. The cream-based consistency of cleansing milk for the face is ideal for normal to dry skin.

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Benefits of Cleansing Milk

Now that you have understood how to use cleansing milk for face, here are the benefits of cleansing milk that will make it a staple in your skincare vanity:

  • Gently cleanses away dirt and bacteria sitting on the surface of your face,  without drying your skin.
  • Does not strip off the natural oils and retains moisture level.
  • Feels soft and refreshing on your skin.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and preps it for applying makeup. 
  • Cleansing milk for oily skin is used to double cleanse.
  • Smooth and lightweight texture makes it suitable for major skin types (dry, sensitive, oily & acne-prone)


Can I use cleansing milk daily?

Yes, it is important to use cleansing milk every day as the first step in your daily skincare routine to remove all the dirt and grime from your face. The best cleansing milk for the face gives a moisturising and refreshing feeling to your skin.

Is cleansing milk better than face wash?

Cleansing milk is used before the face wash as a double cleansing skincare ritual. It helps clear away dirt and refreshes your skin, while the face wash has an exfoliating effect on the face. 

Who should use cleansing milk?

Cleansing milk is necessary for all skin types. It is a critical step in skincare or even prepping your skin for makeup application.

Is cleansing milk good for acne?

As per the research, there is no evidence that cleansing milk helps remove acne. However, it keeps your skin from the onset of acne-causing bacteria. 

Does cleansing milk remove tan?

No, cleansing milk doesn’t help in tan removal, but it cleans the dirt and impurities from your face and prevents dull skin texture.


We hope that after reading the benefits of cleansing milk you will start incorporating it into your skincare regime if you haven’t not already! The best cleansing milk for glowing skin will help you remove all the impurities and dirt collected over the day leaving a moisturising effect on your skin. 

Watch this space often to learn more about such interesting topics in skin care.