Everybody loves rain but the increased levels of humidity during the monsoon make it difficult to manage the hair. We all tend to face some of the common hair problems of frizzy hair, oily scalp and sometimes even hair breakage. 

Well, the key to taming these frizzy hair tresses lies in a special monsoon hair care routine that will help to sail through the rain. 

Let’s begin with some simple hair care tips for the rainy season that will help you maintain hair and scalp health.

Why Do Hair Fall in Monsoon?

Before we get into the deets of monsoon hair care tips, have you ever wondered what is the reason behind hair fall in monsoon. The contrasting climatic conditions from extreme heat in the summer to the damp monsoons take a toll on the hair making it brittle, rough, and prone to breakage. The extreme humidity in the rainy season leads to an oily scalp causing irritation and itchiness. Consequently, it results in dandruff and hair fall.

Essential Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Hair care in the monsoon can really become tiresome. Following are some of the simple tips to show TLC to your hair and stop hair fall in the rainy season. 

Keep Your Hair Dry

In monsoon season, your scalp tends to become very oily and itchy. The best way to deal with it is to keep your hair dry. It helps prevent scalp greasiness, fungal effects and other scalp infections consequently leading to terrible hair fall. Hence, keeping your hair dry and not oily in monsoon can be one of the effortless hair care tips for the rainy season.

Comb Wisely

Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb all the way from hair-ends to the roots for minimised hair breakage. If you’re facing dull and frizzy hair problems ensure to comb it often (2-3 times a day) so that your locks remain knot-free and gorgeously flowing.

Trim Your Hair

One of the most important monsoon hair care tips is to chop off dull hair length and split ends to get rid of damaged hair causing severe hair fall & breakage. Book your salon appointment and trim your hair to get some fresh layers. With reduced hair length it avoids the hassle of maintaining it and even pulling down long hair that weakens your hair follicles.

Monsoon-Friendly Hairstyles 

Tight and closed bun hairstyles are to the rescue in the rainy season. When stepping outside opt for ponytails, buns and braids to protect your hair from getting drenched in acidic rainwater. This also helps prevent other hair problems such as scalp itchiness, infections, and hair roughness.

Do Coconut Oil Champi

Coconut Oil has great hair conditioning properties. One of the easiest monsoon hair care tips is to massage your hair with hot coconut oil and keep it for 30 minutes before hair wash. This process rules out all the hair problems of unruly, frizzy, and dull hair by keeping your hair nourished and preventing excessive moisture loss while shampooing.

Apply Hair Mask

The simple way to take care of your hair in monsoon is deep conditioning your strands to maintain their natural sheen and moisture levels. You can apply a DIY hair mask for monsoon or go for a hair conditioner for hair fall. Allow it to penetrate in the hair shafts for 15-20 minutes to wend off all the hair frizziness and nourish your locks. Alternatively, you can also enjoy a hair spa treatment specialised for hair fall to repair damaged and frizzy hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

It is one of the crucial hair care tips that are apt for all seasons. But especially during monsoon, your hair is prone to more breakage than usual due to hair frizziness and dullness. The acidic pH of rainwater causes rough and brittle ends. In this condition, if you use excessive heat styling you are likely to face severe hair fall problems. For exceptional cases, if you can’t do without styling use a Moroccan Argan hair spray to protect your hair from heat damage.

Use A Hair Serum

If you find it difficult to detangle your hair after shampoo and conditioner, lather a good amount of hair serum making it easier to run your comb through the hair and detangle the knots on its way. Overall a hair serum protects the natural moisture mantle and avoids unwanted hair breakage.

Monsoon Hair Care Routine

Just in case these tips for hair care in the rainy season fall short, you have to follow a monsoon hair care routine religiously ensuring the right shampoo and conditioners. Here’s the step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Massage With Hair Oil

The right hair oil for your hair type helps in treating all concerns that come with the rainy season. Opt for hair oil with plant-derived ingredients that have antibacterial properties to deal with itchy scalp, stimulate hair follicles and prevent hair fall in monsoon. Using the hair oil twice a week before hair wash makes life simple by improving overall hair health. 

Organic Harvest Recommends Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control 

Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control - Monsoon Hair Care
Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control 

Organic Harvest Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control is organic hair oil made with plant-derived ingredients such as rosemary, basil and eucalyptus extracts that help in preventing hair loss by strengthening the roots. Its antibacterial property helps in stimulating hair follicles and makes hair thicker, stronger and lustrous. This 100% vegan and cruelty-free hair oil is ideal for all hair types.

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Step 2: Shampoo Your Hair

During the rainy season, the environmental humidity causes the scalp to become greasy and oily attracting a lot of environmental dirt and bacteria. This environmental pollutant might cause fungal infections and itchiness. Hence, it is essential to use a mild clarifying shampoo to cleanse the scalp, reduce tangles and stimulate blood circulation at least thrice a week to send off bacteria and dust particles sitting on the scalp. 

Organic Harvest Recommends Hair Fall Control Shampoo

hair fall control shampoo - monsoon hair care tips
Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Organic Harvest Hair Fall Control Shampoo is a certified organic product made with plant-derived ingredients to minimise hair fall. This hair fall shampoo not only cleanses the scalp but reduces hair breakage, and promotes stronger and thicker-looking hair locks. This is a mild gel-based hair fall control shampoo containing no paraben, silicon, sulphate or animal ingredients. 

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Step 3: Never Skip Your Hair Conditioner

The moisture present in the air makes the hair sticky, frizzy, and even coarse. It is advisable to choose a conditioner that helps tame the frizz and smoothen out the hair ends. Choose an organic hair conditioner, according to the hair type, which nourishes, and moisturises the hair cuticles, and imparts nutrition to hair cells making it soft, smooth, and manageable. 

Organic Harvest Recommends Hair Loss Control Conditioner

organic conditioner to control hair fall in monsoon
Hair Loss Control Conditioner

Organic Harvest’s Organic Hair Loss Control conditioner is a certified organic product made of Onion, Aloe Vera and other plant-based extracts. This organic hair loss conditioner stimulates scalp blood circulation and improves hair growth. The thick creamy formula conditioner protects the outermost layer of the hair shaft and adds strength while minimising hair thinning and breakage.

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Quick Remedies To Stop Hair Fall in Monsoon

If you’re a hair care geek, looking for some naturally available ingredients in and around, then the following home remedies can come in handy to make quick hair packs for hair fall in the rainy season. You can try any of 3 remedies once or twice a week for maximum benefits:

Methi Hair Mask

Soak half a cup of methi in water overnight. Grind it and make a smooth paste. Apply it evenly across your scalp and let it sit for about 30-45 minutes. Rinse off your hair with lukewarm water and you’re good to go. Methi or fenugreek seeds are a rich source of iron and protein — the two nutrients essential for hair growth. It also has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects on the scalp that help you stop hair fall in monsoon. 

Onion Juice

Take 1-2 onions and chop them into halves. Mix and grind it into an onion pulp. Now strain the paste through a muslin cloth and apply the onion juice all over your scalp with a wet cotton swab. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and rinse off your hair with a mild hair fall control shampoo. Onion is rich in sulphur and potassium content which supports incredible hair growth. It also stimulates scalp blood circulation which helps strengthen the hair follicles while controlling hair fall. 

Aloe Vera 

Take a scoop of freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel in a bowl. Mix a few drops of lemon juice or curd in it. Apply the hair mask to clean the hair head and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Wash it off with hair fall control shampoo. Aloe Vera for hair contains vitamin A, C and E that stimulates cell turnover promoting healthy hair thereby preventing hair fall.

How Nutrition Can Help Reducing Hair Fall in Rainy Season

Optimum hair nutrition including essential fatty acids, protein, Vitamin E and other antioxidants take overall care of your hair and scalp health. Eating food enriched with protein takes part in the formation of new hair bonds and supports hair growth, the essential fatty acids influence hair shine, smoothness, and strength whereas the antioxidants inhibit oxidative stress causing hair damage and breakage due to changing weather conditions. To sum up, all of these nutrients are important for preventing hair fall in the rainy season. Eggs, leafy vegetables, seeds, and nuts are some of the naturally rich sources of hair beneficiary nutrition that aid in hair fall prevention.


How to take care of frizzy hair in the monsoon?

If you’re facing frizzy hair problems during monsoon season, you need to upgrade your normal hair care routine by adding new monsoon hair care products including the right shampoo, conditioner, and serum to maintain frizz-free luscious hair. Ensure to wash out your hair every time it is exposed to acidic rainwater.

How can I stop my hair fall in the monsoon?

To control hair fall in the rainy season, you need to follow a monsoon hair care routine with hair loss control products such as hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner.

Should we apply oil in the monsoon?

Massaging your scalp with hair oil enhances blood circulation, adds strength to the hair follicles, and nurtures the hair strands. Organic hair oil made with plant-based extracts has antimicrobial properties that fight scalp infections and prevent hair fall during monsoon.

How much hair fall is normal in monsoon?

On a normal day, falling off 70-80 hair strands per day is acceptable. In monsoon, it might increase to 150-200 due to increased humidity and hair frizziness. You can always swap your normal hair care products with monsoon hair care to take proper care of your hair and scalp during the rainy season.


We hope you enjoyed reading these monsoon hair care tips as much as you love monsoon. Also, do not miss on adding these hair loss control products to your new monsoon hair care routine. 

This was all for today, watch this space for more information on haircare, skincare and more.