Summers come with happy memories of tropical holidays, sipping on cocktails by the beach, and simply sitting back and relaxing while you enjoy your break. But when you’re not doing all of the above, the season has a different episode to play—one that comprises scorching heat, rising temperatures, and humidity levels that leave you sweating bullets, even if you’re not directly exposed to the sun. Other than exhaustion, Indian summers bring out the worst in your skin. Sunburns, itchiness, rashes, name it all, the skin problems in summer are absolutely endless. 

Yes, it doesn’t sound as fun as a summer holiday, does it? While ignoring these issues might be a solution for many (‘cause who has the time to reach out to a dermat every single moment, right?), not treating them might not serve well for your skin health. If not cared for, the dryness, dehydration, and excessive itching can lead to inflammation, irritation, acne, and so much more. But, before you start worrying about what the rest of summer entails for your skin, let’s put these issues to rest. Scroll down to see 10 of the worst skin problems in summer and how to treat them at the comfort of your home.

#1: Acne

One of the biggest dry skin problems in summer is acne. Dryness, dehydration, and acne all go hand-in-hand. When your skin is stripped off its natural oils and moisture, it tends to go into overdrive. This often leads to excess oil being produced by your pores. The more the oil, the higher the chances are of dirt, debris, and dead skin cells getting stuck within them. This leads to clogging of pores, which in turn leads to acne breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads.

How To Prevent Acne

One of the easiest ways to prevent acne as a dry skin problem in summer, is to make sure your skin is thoroughly moisturised. The heat can cause your skin to become dehydrated and lose its moisture, often resulting in excessive dryness and acne. Go for lightweight, gel-based products that will aid in moisture control without leaving your skin with an oily or greasy sheen.

How To Treat Acne

The best way to treat acne is to opt for antibacterial ingredients such as neem or tulsi in your products. Either go for a cleanser, face serum, or a spot treatment, that’ll help calm down inflamed skin and treat any active breakouts present. A good face wash goes a long way, so make sure you’re picking the right one for your skin type.


This acne control face wash helps treat acne by removing toxins and impurities that sit within your pores. The antibacterial and anti-fungal formula in this face wash contains ingredients like neem and tea tree, that aid in moisturising the skin and reducing the appearance of scars and blemishes. It’s the perfect go-to for an acne-free complexion.

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#2: Sunburn & Heat Rash

Summers and sunburns are like buddies—you can’t have fun in the sun without getting burnt. While sunscreen helps prevent the UV rays from damaging the skin, if you’ve been out for too long it will result in a sunburn. This skin problem in summer season doesn’t just look unsightly, but can also be rather painful if left untreated. Secondly, thanks to sweat and friction from clothes, your skin can often experience heat rashes that result in bumps and itching on the skin. While there are many home remedies for sunburns, sometimes having that one product that cools your skin down is important.

How To Prevent Sunburn & Heat Rash

Always opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen that will help keep the UV damage to a minimum. Keep applying every two to three hours when exposed for long durations to the sun. Try to avoid staying out for too long, and the moment you feel like your skin is getting burnt, rush to a shady area to cool it down.

How To Treat Sunburn & Heat Rash

Sunburn and heat rashes require soothing! Remember to apply a cooling aloe vera gel to the skin to prevent the burning sensation from getting worse. Avoid products that contain alcohol, as this will irritate the skin further. Cover the area with lighter fabrics like cotton so that any sort of friction is prevented.


This aloe vera gel is enriched with extracts of neem and cucumber, and the formulation is loaded with multiple benefits. It helps reduce blemishes, eliminates skin infections, and adds an overall glow to the skin. Formulated PABA and paraben free, mineral-oil free, and animal-ingredient free, the gel is also enriched with coconut oil, castor oil, and other natural extracts.

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#3: Dryness & Irritation

The heat and humidity during summers can often cause your skin to get irritated, dry, and dehydrated, resulting in dullness and redness. This common skin problem in summer is often the outcome when you go swimming or are exposed to extreme temperatures.

How To Prevent Dryness & Irritation

Opt for a gentle hydrating cleanser and moisturiser that will help take care of your skin. Avoid hot water on your face and body, and shower with lukewarm water instead.

How To Treat Dryness & Irritation

A good, hydrating moisturiser is enough to soothe the skin and prevent any sort of dryness. Always apply when skin is slightly damp and this will help trap the moisture into the layers of the skin and lock it in.


This is a certified organic face cream that is lightweight, highly absorbent, and helps retain moisture. The formula goes deep into the layers of your skin and adds a glow from within. It is also known to delay the signs of skin ageing and reduce dark spots, while leaving the skin with a bright radiance.

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#4: Oiliness & Greasy Skin

Completely contrasting to the previous skin problem in summer, this woe is actually a major concern during the season. The excessive sweating and oil can often make the skin appear greasy and dull. It is also a magnet for other skin conditions like acne and blackheads. How to reduce oil on face? We will give you a solution!

How To Prevent Oiliness & Greasy Skin

Steer clear of heavy products that contain mineral oils and petroleum. Opt for more lightweight skincare products that are gel or water-based, which will help keep the oil levels at bay. You can also use a mattifying moisturiser that will also keep the shine at bay.

How To Treat Oiliness & Greasy Skin

Dab a clean tissue to blot the sweat and excess oil from your face, time and again. As we mentioned, you need to go for mattifying products as these will help keep any shine under control.


A powerful combination of potent botanical antioxidants, this acne control cream is best for summer skincare routine. Enriched with green tea and moringa, it helps control excess sebum production and keeps the breakouts in check. It also helps protect your skin from any sort of sun damage too.

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What rash comes every summer?

Due to the heat and humidity, excessive sweat and friction can often lead to skin irritation. This results in a heat rash that can make skin sensitive and bumpy, known as a heat rash.

How do you treat summer skin damage?

Choosing the right products, avoiding too much exposure to the sun, and treating your skin with utmost care is one of the best ways to treat summer skin damage. Look for cooling and soothing products that will help treat inflammation without being too harsh on the skin.

Why does skin change in summer?

External temperature changes and fluctuation in weather plays a huge role in how your skin behaves. Warmer temperatures often means more oil production, while drier weather implies more dehydration. Skin changes in summer due to the high temperatures and humidity levels.

What does summer rash look like?

A summer rash looks red, inflamed, itchy, with red bumps present on the skin.


Clearly, you’re not the only one facing these common skin problems in summer! But the good thing is that there are various ways in which you can deal with it, without causing any damage to your skin. So have your fun this summer and leave the skin worries aside.

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