Organic skin care products speak of nature in its purest form. It embraces the power of botanical extracts in abundance combined with plant-derived and natural ingredients. They are safe for daily use and proffer long-term benefits. 

If reading these things intrigued you about knowing more about organic skincare products, then stick around. We are about to reveal the lucrative benefits of organic skincare products which are not usually found with regular skincare. 

Before that let’s briefly understand organic skincare.

What is Organic Skincare?

Organic skincare products are derived from plant-based botanical extracts that are farmed without the involvement of hazardous chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. These plant-based ingredients are grown out of the healthy fertile soil developed from the remains of previous crops and added organic materials such as compost. The entire process of manufacturing these organic skin care products supports biodiversity conservation, cultural integration and ecological balance. 

In a nutshell, the best organic skin care products are 100% pure, vegan and cruelty-free made with ethically grown ingredients and are safe and potent for everyday use. 

Why to Use Organic Products?

You may ask- why organic skincare? Just like nutrients and vitamins, rich food should be in abundance in the diet. Nutrient-rich organic face products can do wonders for the skin. Here’s the list of undeniable benefits of using organic products on skin:

Nutrition Rich

As organic skincare products are made of natural ingredients with high nutritional value. Also, these ingredients are ethically farmed without the involvement of hazardous chemicals which keeps the original nutritive compounds intact.

Safe for Skin

Organic Skincare products are formulated naturally without the involvement of any harsh chemicals or toxic substances that do not damage your skin by any means. It has no paraben, sulphates or animal ingredients which can cause adverse skin reactions or harmful effects.


Compared to regular skin care products, organic skincare is far more effective and has long-lasting benefits. As it is formulated from natural ingredients which are nutritionally rich it does the maximum amount of good to your skin and shows desirable results.

Environmental Friendly

Organic Skincare products are made using natural ingredients which are ethically cultivated without the use of any synthetic substances, or chemicals. This makes the process of manufacturing organic skincare absolutely environmentally friendly, leaving no chemical residue in the soil or water.


Ordinary skincare may involve traces of animal by-products and might be tested on animals, which questions the sustainability of the natural ecosystem. Whereas, organic beauty brands are into making 100% vegan and cruelty-free skincare containing zero animal ingredients.

Best Organic Skincare Products

Organic Harvest brings you a wide range of organic skincare products that are free from animal-ingredients, paraben and sulphate. All of these skincare products are safe for routine use and do not cause any harsh reactions. Here goes: 

Organic Coconut Oil 

Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Harvest brings to you 100% organic, cold-pressed & extra virgin Coconut Oil. It is also unrefined and unbleached. It also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which help prevent acne, protect against sun damage, skin inflammation, and premature ageing to keep your skin smooth and hydrated for a long time.

Price:  395 INR
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Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic Rosehip Oil
Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic Rosehip Oil is obtained from the seeds of the Rosehip flower that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants & essential fatty acids. This organic face oil is 100% vegan and organic, useful to reduce dark spots and give your skin a smooth texture. The formulation does not contain any harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphates, or mineral oils.

Price: 645 INR 
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Sunscreen Acne/Oily Skin

Organic Sunscreen for Acne
Organic Sunscreen for Acne

Organic Harvest brings a Sunscreen for Acne/Oily Skin – SPF 60 with blue light technology and broad-spectrum protection formula. This non-greasy and quick-absorbing sunscreen is made with certified organic ingredients keeping the skin hydrated and nourished along with protecting it from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays and blue light. It is 100% cruelty-free and water-resistant sunscreen with no paraben, no mineral oil and no toxic chemicals.

Price: 495 INR
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Sunscreen With SPF 60 

Sunscreen With SPF 60 
Sunscreen With SPF 60 

Organic Harvest SPF 60 Sunscreen with Blue Light technology is a certified organic product made with plant-derived ingredients. The Sunscreen SPF 60 is the non-greasy and quick absorbing sunscreen which heals sunburned skin and provides broad spectrum protection to the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Price: 695 INR
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Organic Vitamin B Day Cream

Organic Vitamin B Day Cream
Organic Vitamin B Day Cream

Organic Harvest brings you an everyday Vitamin B face cream enriched with Spinach & Niacinamide that helps control sebum production and prevent acne. The Spinach based formula proffers enough vitamins and nutrients to your skin making it look fresh, glowing and nourished. It is a 100% organic and cruelty-free formulation, ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.

Price: 745 INR
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Daily Day Cream

Daily Day Cream
Daily Day Cream

Organic Harvest Organic Daily Day Cream is an moisturising face cream infused with soybean extracted, beetroot extract and other organic plant-based ingredients. This organic face cream offers intense nourishment and UV protection without making your skin greasy. Packed with the benefits of vitamin C for skin, it also helps slough off dead skin cells and remove dark spots giving you an even toned skin.

Price: 1106 INR
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Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser

Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser
Damage Control Cleanser

Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser is a certified organic product made with plant-derived ingredients. It helps in gentle cleansing and exfoliating dead skin cells, removing impurities while keeping your skin soft and nourished. This organic face cleanser is free from harsh chemicals such as PABA, paraben, or animal ingredients.

Price: 1495 INR
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Acne Control Face Wash

Best Organic Skincare Products - Face Wash for Acne
Best Organic Skincare Products – Face Wash for Acne

Organic Harvest’s Acne Control Face Wash helps in preventing acne and removing toxins and impurities from the skin. It is a 100% cruelty-free organic face wash with antibacterial and antifungal agents like Neem and Tea Tree. The gel-based consistency of this acne-fighting face wash works magic for oily and acne-prone skin.

Price: 175 INR
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Organic Body Butter With Coffee

Organic Products for Skin - Body Butter
Organic Products for Skin – Body Butter

If you are looking to get rid of cellulite skin condition, Organic Harvest’s Organic Body Butter with Coffee can be a real saviour. Enriched with coffee this Body Butter is an unrefined and raw formulation that delivers intense moisturisation for 8- 12 hours. As it has a non-greasy consistency, it can be applied to both face and body and is ideal for both men and women.

Price: 395 INR
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Bathing Bars Combo

Bathing Bars Combo - Organic Skincare Products
Bathing Bars Combo – Organic Skincare Products

This combo contains Charcoal, Sandalwood, and Rose Bathing Bars. These bathing bars are made of certified organic and sulphate-free ingredients that provide nourishment to the skin and keep it nourished. All of these bathing soaps are 100% vegan and cruelty-free making it ideal for all skin types.

Price: 297 INR
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Difference Between Organic and Regular Skincare Products

There’s a wide difference between organic skincare and regular skincare products including formulation and the benefits it has to offer. Here’s a quick checklist for you to know:

Organic Skincare Products 

Regular Skincare Products

Made of plant-derived natural ingredients which are ethically harvested.

Made of ingredients that might involve the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides etc.

Contain No artificial substances or chemicals like sulphates, silicon, PABA, or animal ingredients. 

Formulated with harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and toxins.

Many global and local standards are available to ensure 100% purity.

No global or local standards are available to ensure purity.

Free from synthetic substances.

Contain toxic levels of metal.

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Tested on animals

Have no side effects on skin 

Might have side effects on skin health

Safe for regular use

Lead to skin infections like rashes, redness or irritation

Effective and potent with every use

Comparatively less effective 

Long-term benefits for skin 

Doesn’t have lasting benefits and effects


Difference between organic and natural skincare products?

Natural skincare is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients whereas organic products for skin are ethically produced from natural ingredients available in their raw form. Unlike natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics undergo rigorous testing to ensure 100% purity and are free from fertilisers. 

Difference between organic and ayurvedic skincare products?

Organic products for skin are specially designed from plants that are cultivated without the involvement of hazardous chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Ayurvedic products are made from medicinal plant extracts combined with a certain level of heavy metal extractions.

Are organic products effective?

Yes, organic products on the skin are not only safe but have effective results with regular use.

Do organic products have side effects?

No, one of the pivotal benefits of using organic skin care products is that it doesn’t have any kind of side effects.


This was all about Organic Skincare and some of the potential benefits it has to offer. We hope you are encouraged to swap your regular skin care with organic skin care products after reading this. Try any of your favourite organic skin care brands and see the results for yourself. 

Also, do not miss checking out the exclusive collection of organic face products at Organic Harvest before you buy one. Watch this space often to know more about organic skincare and haircare.