There are different tones of skin that exist and that’s why there isn’t really a one size fits all product for base makeup. People from across the world and especially people in South Asia such as ourselves have varying skin tones that range from fair to dark. But not everyone knows how to know your skin type and tone and that’s why many women of colour fail to get a perfect match of foundation or concealer for their skin. But that’s where this simple guide comes in. Read on to find out exactly what your skin tone is, how to get even skin tone, and the best base makeup products to make your natural complexion shine.

What Is A Skin Tones 

Skin tone is basically the colour of your skin. Since there are many different shades of skin, they are categorised differently so that you can narrow down and identify which shade your skin tone belongs to. Skin tones range from fair to dark and it entirely depends on how much melanin your body produces. The more melanin you have, the more colour your skin has, and if you have less melanin production, your skin is usually lighter.

Types Of Skin Tones

There are different types of skin tones that are especially evident in our South Asian community. Amongst Indian skin tones, there are about 5 different colour complexions that range from fair skin to darker skin. They are all listed and explained below.


This skin tone is the lightest skin colour of all. It is very pale and prone to redness and sunburn when exposed to the sun. Fair skin tone has cool undertones.


Light skin tone is slightly darker than fair skin tone but it is still very similar to it. The only difference is that a light skin tone can sometimes tan a little bit when exposed to the sun. It is also prone to sunburn and redness just like fair skin. Light skin tone may have neutral undertones or warm undertones.


Medium skin tone is visibly darker than fair and light skin tones. Medium skin can be identified with a light beige colour and possibly golden tones too. This skin tone can either have neutral undertones or cool undertones and it tans easily under the sun and may be prone to sunburn as well.


Olive skin tones are also light brown and similar to medium skin tones but the undertones can be neutral, warm, and sometimes even cool. Olive skin can appear to be yellowish-golden and tan. When not exposed to the sun enough, olive skin tones can appear pale or sallow too. Olive skin tones are prone to tanning with sun exposure. 


A dark skin tone or deeper brown skin tone has lots of melanin and typically has warm undertones. But some very dark skin tones can have cool undertones too. Dark skin tone will tan under sun exposure but it is not prone to experiencing sunburn.

Different Ways To Determine Your Skin Tones

 how to know your skin tone

If you want to know what tone your skin is, here are a few ways to go about it. All you have to do is try them out and pay close attention to your skin colour. 

Do A Sun Test

The easiest way to find out your skin tone is to do a sun test by exposing your skin to the sun for a period of time. If your skin easily gets sunburned, you have a fair or light skin tone. If your skin gets a little tan but also catches sunburn, you have a medium skin tone. If your skin tans and feels a little sunburn but not too much, you have olive skin. And if your skin tans with no sunburn, you have a darker skin tone.

White Paper Test

Cleanse your face to remove all traces of makeup and skincare products and then allow your skin to breathe for 10 minutes. Now, hold a sheet of white paper tight next to your face and look into the mirror. If your skin appears to have a pinkish or blueish rosy tinge against the white paper, you have fair or light skin with cool undertones. If your skin appears yellowish or orangish, you have warm undertones with a medium to dark skin tone. If your skin has a grey cast, you have an olive skin tone with neutral undertones. And if you cannot determine whether your skin looks pinkish or yellowish or olive, you have a true neutral skin tone which means you have a mix of both warm and cool undertones.

Metal Jewellery Test

Another easy way to determine your skin tone is with gold and silver jewellery. Wear gold jewellery like a chain or bangles and see whether it looks flattering on your skin or if it makes you look washed out. Do the same with silver jewellery. If your skin looks better in gold jewellery then you have warm undertones and will have either medium, olive, or dark skin tone. If your skin looks better in silver jewellery, you have a fair, light skin tone with cool undertones or even dark olive skin with cool undertones. If both the silver and gold jewellery looks good on you, your skin tone is neutral.

What Are Skin Undertones And What Are Their Types?

types of undertones

Skin undertones are the natural colours under the surface of your skin. These natural colours make your skin glow differently and determine which colours of makeup look good on you and also help you find the right shade of foundation and concealer for your complexion.

Types Of Skin Undertones

There are three types of skin undertones that can be associated with the different types of skin tone. And we have listed them below.

Warm Undertone

Warm undertones are basically natural shades that range from the colours peach to yellow and even orange or golden. Warm undertone skin tones look good in warm toned gold jewellery and warm coloured clothing and hair colours. Warm toned makeup hues and vibrant makeup colours also work beautifully for this undertone.

Cool Undertone

Cool undertones have natural shades of colours ranging from pink to blue and even purple. Cool undertone skin tones can appear pale and silver jewellery complements this complexion. Cool toned makeup and clothing suits this undertone and even light hair colours work for this skin undertone.

Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones can basically have a mix of warm and cool undertones. This means both silver and gold jewellery suits this complexion and neutral undertone skin tones can experiment with all colours.

Different Ways To Determine Your Skin Undertones 

When figuring out the tones of skin, you have to determine your skin undertone to get your skin tone right. Here are a few ways you can find your undertone.

1. Check Your Veins

Turn your palms to your face and look at wrist area below, where your veins should be visible as the skin is thin there. If your veins appear green, you have a warm undertone. If your veins appear blue, you have a cool undertone. If you can’t tell whether your veins are green or blue, you have neutral undertones.

2. Foil Test

Take a sheet of golden foil and a sheet of silver foil. Use each of the foils to reflect sunlight on your face. If the light reflected from the gold foil makes your skin glow and look appealing, you have a warm undertone. If the light from the silver foil makes your skin glow and look better than in the light of the gold foil, you have cool undertones. If the light from both the silver foil and gold foil makes you look good, you have neutral undertones.

What Factors Can Impact Your Skin Tone?

Here are some of the most common things that can impact your skin tone.

1. Sun Damage

Sun damage can have a huge impact on your skin tone. Spending too much time exposed to the sun rays without having applied or reapplied sunscreen will cause your skin to burn or tan and this will change your skin tone for the period of time that it has damage.

2. Dehydration

If you aren’t drinking enough water or simply don’t moisturise your skin often enough, your skin can get dehydrated and that can lead to visible dullness. This dullness will hinder with your natural skin tone appearance.

3. Acne

Breakouts and blemishes can alter your skin tone and cause uneven skin tone. Dark spots and scars left behind from blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples can all lead to uneven skin tone.

4. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun damage, improper use of skincare products, harsh skincare products, or even hormonal imbalances and other underlying health conditions. Hyperpigmentation is when certain areas of the skin appear to be way darker than other areas of the skin.

5. Vitamin Deficiency

If you have a vitamin deficiency, your skin tone could appear to be sallow or pale which is unrelated to your natural skin undertones. For example, vitamin D deficiency caused due to lack of sunlight can make your skin look pale or grey.

Organic Harvest Recommended Best Makeup Products for Your Skin

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Now that you know your skin tone and skin undertones, here are some base makeup products with skincare benefits that you should definitely invest in.

1. Organic Harvest Soft Matte Compact – Natural

Enriched with almond oil and vitamin C, this is a silky smooth compact powder suitable for medium to olive skin tones. It has a light to medium buildable coverage that complements medium and olive toned skin no matter the undertones. 

2. Organic Harvest Soft Matte Compact – Warm Tan

If you have a deeper dark complexion, try the warm tan shade of compact powder which is also enriched with almond oil and vitamin C. this compact powder easily evens out skin tone and gives a true to skin glow.

3. Organic Harvest Soft Matte Compact – Ivory

For fair and light skin tones, opt for the Ivory shade of compact powder by Organic Harvest. Made with certified organic natural ingredients, this lightweight base makeup product controls excess oil production and keeps skin looking fresh and radiant for long hours.

4. Organic Harvest Weightless BB Cream – Natural

This BB cream by Organic Harvest is going to become your beauty staple. The shade natural is suited for medium to olive skin tones and the formula is mattifying and non comedogenic meaning you don’t ever have to worry about excess oil or breakouts caused by wearing this product. It has a buildable coverage that makes skin look even toned and radiant.

5. Organic Harvest Weightless BB Cream – Warm Tan

For darker skin tones, opt for the warm tan shade of BB cream from Organic Harvest. This shade is suited for a wide range of dark skin tones with different undertones and it helps minimise the appearance of pores by mattifying the skin. It also keeps the skin moisturised and protected from damage.

6. Organic Harvest Weightless BB Cream – Ivory

The shade ivory from the Organic Harvest BB cream range is perfect for fair to light skin tones. This beauty balm tinted cream not only gives amazing full coverage to even out the skin tone, the vitamin C content also helps naturally fade dark spots and pigmentation from the skin.

7. MyGlamm Super Serum BB Cream

If you want a BB cream with a more natural coverage and skincare benefits, opt for this hyaluronic infused tinted BB cream. It also offers broad spectrum SPF 50 so that you are safe from sun damage.

8. MyGlamm Super Serum Foundation

Looking for the best foundation for your skin tone. Take your pick from the serum infused MyGlamm Super Serum Foundation range. The lightweight formula is water resistant and loaded with skincare ingredients like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and zinc. It mattifies skin and gives the most gorgeous hydrated glow.

9. Total Makeover FF Cream Foundation Palette

If you’re struggling with finding the right shade for your skin tone, opt for this face palette that allows you to customise your own foundation or concealer shade. This multitasking palette has a cream formula that blends beautifully and is available in 5 different shades. You can even highlight and contour and also set your base with this product.

10. MyGlamm Super Serum Concealer 

Get the smoothest coverage with no cracking or creasing with this hydrating concealer. The lightweight yet full coverage formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and papaya extract to hydrate and nourish the skin. It also leaves an irresistible satin finish. 

How To Choose The Right Products According To Your Skin Tone & Undertone.

Want to pick the right product for your skin tone and undertone? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Swatch On Your Jaw

While swatching shades of base makeup to suit your skin tone, apply the shades on your jawline and then check whether the shade blends seamlessly on your jaw and also matches the skin tone on your neck. If both areas match, then you have a winner.

Swatch On Clean Skin

Make sure your skin is clean and clear of all traces of dirt or makeup before swatching any base products to match your skin tone. A clean canvas will help your find the right product for your skin tone.

Do A Wear Test

Apply the base product and leave it on. After a few hours, check if the formula has oxidised. If the product looked fine before but now looks lighter after oxidisation opt for a shade darker and vice versa.

Identify Undertones With Alphabets

Some base makeup products determine the undertone of the complexion product on the packaging alongside the shade number. N stands for neutral, W stands for warm, and C stands for cool.


Should the foundation be lighter or darker than your skin?

Foundation should be true to your skin. But if it oxidises choose a shade darker or lighter depending on how the product looks after a few hours.

Which Shade Is Preferred For Which Skin Tone?

Shades that offer true to skin natural finishes are preferred for skin tones.

How do I match my skin tone to foundation?

Do a swatch test of a shade that seems to match the description of your skin tone and undertone.


There are different tones of skin and all of them are beautiful. Once you’ve figured out your exact skin tone and undertone, there’s nothing stopping you from acing your base makeup like a pro.

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